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Hiking couple on a mule track built of stones in the mountains

Via Spluga

The most beautiful path over the alps

7 Days / 6 Nights
Mountain Hiking
Hiking couple on a mule track built of stones in the mountains

Even 2,000 years ago, the Romans appreciated the connection over the Splügen Pass from north to south. Today, the Via Spluga is a long-distance hiking trail from Thusis in Switzerland to Chiavenna in Italy, with around 66 kilometres of culture, history, tradition and, of course, fantastic nature. Once you arrive in Italy, you can treat yourself to a cappuccino, Prosecco or gelato as a reward for crossing the Alps.

The first highlight awaits you on the first stage: the Viamala Gorge. 359 steps lead safely to its centre, where rock faces up to 300 metres high frame a true natural spectacle. Once you arrive in Andeer, you can relax in the thermal baths. The Roffla Gorge on the way to Splügen is man-made - seriously! After 8,000 blasts, a rock gallery modelled on Niagara Falls was created.

After a round trip around the Suretta lakes, you first head high up over the Splügen Pass and deep down into the Val Cardinello gorge. This is one thing above all: imposing! Here it's also: "Ciao, Bella Italia!" - you have already passed the national border of Switzerland. Through small mountain villages and beautiful nature you finally reach the destination of your tour: Chiavenna.

  • The old and new village of Thusis way back in history. In 1845, a fire destroyed large parts of the old town. In the new village, many houses were rebuilt in the Mediterranean style, and today many visitors enjoy the special architecture.
  • The impressive Viamala Gorge: Over the course of time, the notorious gorge has undergone a real image change. In prehistoric times, the passage was considered narrow and dangerous. In the meantime, the gorge's beauty and special features have made it a real magnet for visitors.
  • The chestnut forests in Val San Giacomo: For around 25 kilometres, the unspoilt valley leads from the Splügen Pass towards Chiavenna. Breathe in the clean air here and find yourself in harmony with nature!
  • Charming Chiavenna serves as a gateway to the breathtaking south. Stroll through the narrow streets and sip a cappuccino while reminiscing about the tour. 

The stages of the tour are not excessively long, ranging from 13 to 18 kilometres in length, but there are a few metres of altitude to be climbed each day - both uphill and downhill. The first-class route promises a great tour, where beautiful views line up with cultural highlights.

  • From Mont Blanc to Ticino - Switzerland offers hiking highlights galore. You can find information on the various regions and tours here.
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Itinerary at a glance

Along the Via Spluga across the Alps, you'll pass through the Viamala Gorge, hike around the Suretta Lakes, and cross the Italian border. You'll trek through chestnut forests and reach Chiavenna, where Mediterranean delights await.
Arrival to Thusis

Hiking path through the dramatic Viamala-Schlucht (gorge) and Schams with numerous cultural monuments (e.g. church in Zillis) and traffic constructions (Traversiner suspension bridge and Punt da Suransuns, Wildener bridges, Rania bridge). Relaxation in the Andeer spa.

Ingeniously laid path through the difficult Roflaschlucht (gorge) and the sparsely populated Rheinwald valley floor. Andeer and Splügen offer interesting townscapes. The Rheinwalder Valley Museum Crestawald Fortress Museum and Roflaschlucht cliff path are worth a visit.

Todays‘ walk leads you up to Bodmastafel. A trail leads you past the peaks of the Alps of Rhäzüns up to the plateau of Suretta. Sparkling lakes and nice views await you here before you walk past the viewpoint Franzisch-Grind back to Splügen.

Alpine hike over the Splügenpass on a unique mule trail with an exposed descent through the gorge of the Val Cardinello. En route: historic traffic constructions (engineered road with marble bridges and avalanche galleries).

Following the course of the Liro, through shady chestnut woods in the Val San Giacomo to Chiavenna with its southern ambience. Isolated pilgrimage churches of San Giacomo Filippo and Gallivaggio, Italian savoir vivre in Chiavenna’s vibrant Centro Storico.

Departure or extension

Route information

Mountain Hiking

Partly you will hike in alpine terrain, where surefootedness is required. A good basic level of fitness is recommended for overcoming the altitude difference.

Prices & Dates

Category: pretty 3*** hotels and country hotels

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accomodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • 1 entrance Roffla Gorge
  • 1 entrance Viamala Gorge

  • Carefully elaborated route description
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English)
  • App for Navigation and GPS-data
  • Service hotline

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Zurich airport.
  • Arrival by train via Chur to Thusis.
  • Parking: chargeable parking near the hotel, approx. EUR 30 per week.
  • Departure by bus and train via Splügenpass to Thusis or via St. Moritz to Chur.

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.

Join us in achieving greater sustainability by choosing our digital route book, rather than the printed version. As a small thank you we will give you a discount of EUR 20 per room.

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