A hiking holiday in the Austrian Alps

Unique mountain world

The Austrian Alps stretch from the Vorarlberg Rätikon to the Gutenstein Alps and have been home to humans and animals for millennia. In addition to the unique mountains, you can also admire the variety of flora and fauna that you’ll find in the Austrian Alps.

Hike to the White Lakes

The fascinating Alpine world

Not least because of its many rivers and valleys, the Alps play an important role in supplying energy through hydropower. The Austrian Alps are also essential for producing food. A variety of pastures offer food of all kinds, especially in summer, and ensure well-being. Another special feature is the cattle drive in late summer, in which cows are artfully decorated and the villages celebrate with traditional music and dance.

The most popular hiking tours in the Austrian Alps

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Carinthian Mountains & Lakes

Panoramic hiking in the sunny south is a perfect way to combine the relaxed lifestyle of Carinthia with an incomparable sense of enjoyment. Discover the refreshing waters and marvel at the breath taking mountain panorama of the Villach Alps.

Alpe Adria Trail

On your Alpe Adria 3-Country Tour you will experience breath taking mountain and natural landscapes, influenced by Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Highlights of your trip include the Triglav National Park and the renowned ski resort of Kjranjska Gora.

Tour character
Moderate Walking

Carinthian Mountains & Lakes

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Tour character
Mountain Hiking
Italy / Slovenia / Austria

Alpe-Adria Border Triangle Tour

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Hiking panorama in the Bregenz Forest

Bregenz Forest

Gentle hills and wide moorlands accompany you on your hiking tour in the Bregenz Forest, which is ideal for relaxation. In addition to the waterfall at the Eibelesmühle and the nature reserve Trogener Moore, many other highlights await you.

Useful information about your hiking holiday in the Austrian Alps

Spectacular summit hiking in the Dachstein area

The highest mountain in the Austrian Alps

At 3,798 meters, the Grossglockner is considered the highest mountain in the Austrian Alps. In the midst of a high alpine landscape, it towers over a multitude of three-thousand-metre peaks and forms the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The Glockner is often called the ‘black mountain’ because pitch-black crystals are supposed to be hidden inside.

Forests, slopes and rocky passages: due to its varied terrain, the Glockner region is home to numerous animal and plant species which find ideal habitats, not least because of the many breath taking waterfalls and streams.

Hiking in the Triglav National Park

The climate in the Austrian Alps

Like the landscape, the climate in the Austrian Alps is very diverse. While there are Mediterranean influences on the southern side of the main Alpine ridge and the temperatures are warmer, there is a lot of rain in the foothills of the Alps and in the Bregenz forest.

Basically, the mountainous region is characterised by short, cool summers and cold, rainy winters. The average temperature at 1,000 metres in the summer months is between 13 and 15 degrees. In winter the temperature often drops below freezing.

Hiking break at a charming guesthouse

Fully organised hiking holidays in the Austrian Alps

At Eurohike, we not only provide suitable accommodation, but also take care of your luggage so you can walk from one stage to the next worry free. Tailored travel documents help you find the right route and guide you safely to your next location. So you can leave your worries at home and fully relax on your hiking trip.

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