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Hiking and Enjoying in Italy

The most beautiful hiking tours in golden autumn
Autumnal pleasure tours in Piedmont

When the days get a little cooler and summer slowly turns into autumn, you can look forward to the most beautiful hiking season of the year. Due to the lower position of the sun at this time of year, nature is enveloped in an impressive colour game in the light of autumn. The magnificent spectacle of nature can be captured particularly wonderfully while being active in the tranquil countryside. Numerous regions in Italy provide the ideal climate for enjoying the pleasures of hiking at this time of year, with fantastic temperatures right into autumn. Whether in TuscanyPiedmont or in southern Italy such as the island paradise of Sardinia or Sicily – slowing down and enjoying is particularly easy here in autumn.

Experience the most beautiful season on an active holiday and extend your hiking summer in Italy. In this blog post, we will tell you what you can experience while hiking in these picturesque regions of Italy in autumn and what culinary highlights await you. One thing we can already reveal – it will be an unforgettably beautiful spectacle for all the senses.

Autumnal pleasure tours in Piedmont

Autumn season in Italy: Hiking holidays for all the senses

When autumn comes with all its splendid colours and facets, the hiking season in Italy really takes off. The warm rays of sunshine provide the perfect hiking climate with temperatures averaging 20 degrees – ideal for being active in the fresh air. Look forward to the golden forests and idyllic villages, the quiet hiking paths lined with rustling autumn leaves, the soothing moments of tranquility, as well as culinary delights and autumn-scented natural landscapes. Whether it's coastal hikingisland hiking or moderate walks through the most beautiful wine regions and cultural cities – autumn offers a unique time-out for all the senses. Switching off and enjoying is particularly easy now.

Fantastic hiking tours for gourmets in Italy

Harvest season and grape harvest in Piedmont

If there is one Italian region that combines the best of the country in terms of cuisine, culture and landscape, it is the Piedmont. Here, regional cheese, pasta and truffle specialties await you, as well as the world's most exclusive wines. During the autumn harvest season, you can experience the culinary best of the region at many festivals, such as the international truffle fair in Alba, which takes place from mid-October to mid-November, or the numerous wine and harvest festivals. A wonderful way to enjoy all the special features of the region up close and at your own pace is our eight-day walking holiday in the Piedmont. Whether tasting the white truffle in Alba, the delicious chestnuts and hazelnuts in Cravanzana, enjoying wonderful top wines in Barolo, Barbaresco or Bossolasco – especially in autumn, the Piedmont is a real paradise for active gourmets. Our colleague Verena explored the region by foot and tells us all about her tour on the HikingBlog: Leisure hiking in Italy: Verena on Tour.

Hiking holidays and wine harvest in Piedmont

Pleasure walking tours in Tuscany

Hardly any other season combines hiking and enjoyment as harmoniously as autumn. Right now is the perfect season for active time-out in nature. One region in Italy that offers unique moments of enjoyment for all the senses and autumnal la dolce vita in perfection is Tuscany. This region is bursting with colourful, unspoilt natural areas with a magnificent flora and fauna, wonderful culinary delights and picturesque wineries – the perfect place to breathe in the Italian joie de vivre. Depending on the weather and grape variety, you can experience the grape harvest up close from the end of August to October. Your personal dolce vita between Florence, Chianti, Siena – one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany – and Cecina Mare is waiting for you on our walking holiday Picturesque TuscanySimply switch off and enjoy on our walking tour Tuscan Coast from Pisa to Elba. In eight days, you will hike between Pisa and the island of Elba through golden deciduous forests and fragrant maquis areas, along dreamlike stretches of coastline and to picturesque cultural towns such as Castiglioncello, Castagneto or Piombino.

Extending the hiking summer in southern Italy

You would like to extend your summer? Then we have prepared the perfect destinations in southern Italy for you. On our walking holiday Sicily & Aeolian islands, particularly wonderful temperatures await all exercise-hungry hikers and connoisseurs in autumn. The average daytime temperature is around 25 degrees and even the sea still offers wonderful refreshment with water temperatures around 20 degrees. A perfect climate for the volcano tours on Mount Etna and Stromboli. A special island experience awaits you in autumn on our hiking tour Sardinia's East Coast. The picturesque hiking trails offer a wonderful experience between mountains, glittering bays, magnificent coasts and fragrant Mediterranean herbs – pure pleasure for all senses! Our colleague Verena tells you even more about hiking on the beautiful island of Sardinia in her Travel report: Coastal hiking on Sardinia's east coast.


We think that especially in autumn, the wonderful areas in Italy can be enjoyed even more consciously and at the same time more relaxed in hiking boots. The temperatures are ideal for time spent outdoors and the pleasant Italian sunshine provides plenty of moments of happiness in the fresh autumnal air. Breathe in the Mediterranean joie de vivre and really enjoy yourself in the golden autumn in Italy!

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