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Theresa explores Sardinia´s East Coast

Travel report of Sardinia in the golden autumn.

As I do every October with my sister Susanne, I took a Eurohike hiking trip. Since we are always drawn to destinations by the sea, and we also enjoy hiking in mountains, this year’s choice was not difficult! We chose the east coast of Sardinia!

Blossoming Sardinia in October

During the transfer from the airport in Olbia to Santa Maria Navarrese, the driver informed us that we are lucky enough to enjoy the colourful landscape of Sardinia in October.

This year, the summer in Sardinia was rather rainy, so come autumn everything was still green and full of flowering plants. Hard to imagine after the hot summer we experienced at home in Austria.

Coastal paths and sea views to reward the effort

We knew that the first hike from Santa Maria Navarrese to the Golgo plateau was the most demanding stage. But we didn’t believe it at first. The first section leads along a slightly hilly but beautiful coastal path with great views of the sea. The huge aloe vera plants and equally large cacti along the way impressed us. Then the path led uphill and over the first hilltop and we began to realise why this is the most demanding stage! During this part small breaks are recommended, so you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the coast!

Animal companions

We were particularly impressed by the Golgo Plateau. After we wanted to bring a dog than had run after us back to its owner, a local informed us that ‘free-roaming animals’ are common here. Again and again you meet donkeys, cows and pigs as well as cats and small dogs.  Initially we were a little hesitant towards the free-roaming animals, but eventually we were disappointed if we didn’t meet one during the upcoming hikes!

Opportunities to cool off in the turquoise sea are guaranteed!

From Golgo there were some easier treks for the following two days. One led to Cala Goloritzé, a picturesque bay with turquoise blue sea. During this hike, it is recommended to take a bathing suit in good weather! The second hike led to Arco Mariolu, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the coast through a natural stone gate.

Then we travelled by jeep from Golgo even further towards Cala Gonone, the last place to stay on the trip.

We followed the panoramic hiking route from the Cala Sisine along a plateau to the Cala Luna. From here we continued by ship to the coastal town of Cala Gonone.

Bad weather meant we couldn’t walk the circular route of Cala Fuili and Cala Luna. But there’s still a lot to explore on this beautiful island in bad weather, so we were definitely not bored. The last hike around the Monte Irveri was a glorious end to our journey. A highlight was definitely the Cala Cortoe and the path along a cliff with a beautiful view over the entire Gulf of Orosei.

From antipasti to dolci

We were also spoiled with culinary delights! In Santa Maria Navarrese, we treated ourselves to pizza – that just has to be a part of an Italian hiking tour!

In Golgo we enjoyed typical Sardinian specialities. First and foremost, there was a starter plate with Pecorino, Permesan, Salsiccia Sarda, Prosciutto di Montagna, olives and the delicious Pane Carasau (wafer thin, crunchy flat bread). And on to the next course, ‘Primo piatto’. We enjoyed homemade pasta in various forms. As a ‘secondo piatto’ was a spit-roasted suckling pig with crispy crackling which is typical for this area. For dessert we recommend Seadas! These are dumplings filled with sheep cheese, which are fried and served with honey. In Cala Gonone we enjoyed fresh fish and seafood.

All in all


The journey offers a perfect mix of mountain and coastal walks. New highlights are waiting every day, such as the gorgeous bay of Cala Goloritzè or the rocky Arco Mariolu. The food is excellent and the locals are very friendly and helpful – we would go back anytime!  😊

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