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Travel report: Hiking in the Carinthian mountains & lakes

Hannah and Lisa hike from Villach across the Alps
Schifffahrt am Millstätter See

Sparkling blue lakes. Deep green forests. Carinthian Kasnudeln. We experienced all that and much more on our hiking trip in the Carinthian mountains and lakes. From the Wörthersee, over the Millstättersee to the Brennsee, we hiked the Carinthian mountain and lake landscape over 6 days.

This leisure hike lives up to its name! In addition to the scenic highlights, we were also able to enjoy numerous cultural and culinary highlights.

Despite the not so rosy weather report, we did not let that take away from the tour. With a suitcase full of waterproofs, we girls set off to the south of Austria in autumn last year.

Schifffahrt am Millstätter See

Oh, beautiful Carinthia!

If Carinthia is famous for one thing, it is for its lakes! Beautiful, turquoise-blue glittering and surrounded by mountains, the sight of the cool water will make any hikers heart beat faster. Breathtaking viewing platforms such as the ‘Hohen Gloriette’ the ‘Pyramidenkogel’ or the ‘Sternenbalkon’ ensure wonderful views during the tour.

Away from the crowds, in the idyllic Carinthian forests, you can forget the stress of daily life and feel the calming power of nature. At the end of a successful day of hiking, the boat trips are perfect for reviewing the respective hiking stage. In the evening the villages around the lakes invite you to take a relaxing sunset walk on the promenade.

Pörtschacher Halbinsel am Wörthersee
Wanderin am Millstätter See

Over hill and dale

Our route took us from Villach by train to Pörtschach, from where we hiked to Velden. This was followed by a circular hike along the Wörthersee to Reifnitz.

The next day, the train ride to Spittal and then the hike to Döbriach were on the agenda. We were also able to spend two nights in Döbriach and take a circular walk on the Sternenbalkon. Looking forward to the cheese tasting in the Kaslabn dairy, we hiked our last stage to Feld am See.

Due to the many forest paths, this hiking tour is particularly suitable on hot summer days or in the rainier transitional seasons. The stages can be individually tailored to suit individual fitness levels. Shortcuts and extensions are possible at any time.

Despite the beautiful hikes, we looked forward to a comfortable bed every evening, which we always found in the well-chosen accommodation. With a glass of early wine (Sturm) and a view of the surrounding mountains, we enjoyed the balmy evenings from our balcony.

Something very special!

Our hiking trip was full of highlights! Starting with the Pyramidienkogel, which offers stunning views of the Wörthersee and the surrounding region. But the Sternenbalkon also can’t be forgotten. This provides a wonderful panorama over the Millstätter See and the Nockberge. Another highlight for foodies is the cheese tasting at the Kaslabn show dairy in Radenthein. Here we were able to try six different types of cheese made from cow and goat milk and catch a glimpse of the production facilities and storage rooms of the dairy.

But our own personal highlight was probably the hospitality of the fishermen at the Forstsee. Hungry and soaked, we were taken in by the caretakers of the fishermen’s hut to warm up and eat our picnic. We were told that women actually aren’t allowed in the hut – but the sight of us and the weather must have been convincing enough to briefly take us in. In the end it was an amusing lunch break for us!


Whether a picnic in the forest or a dinner in an elegant lakeside restaurant – in Carinthia you definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to culinary delights! Due to the Mediterranean influence, which becomes noticeable in the south of Austria, many Italian dishes can be found on the menu. Traditional meals such as Carinthian Kasnudeln (cheese noodles), Carinthian Reindling or simply a good old Brettljausen (cold platter of meat, cheese and bread) also can’t be missing from the traditional restaurants.

There are plenty of places to stop off for refreshments in the respective stage towns, as well as during the individual hikes. There is something here to suit every taste!

Köstlicher Putenstreifensalat

Our summary: On the hiking trip we were able to recharge our batteries for everyday life and enjoy time together as friends. This hiking tour combines everything Austria has to offer. Cities, mountains, lakes and tasty food – there is something for everyone.

Valerie Haring

Bis bald, Hannah & Lisa

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