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Salzkammergut Hiking Station

Presentation of our hiking station in the Salzkammergut

Our Eurofun headquarters are located directly in the Trumer lake area, which also serve as a station for our fantastic cycling and hiking holidays in the region. Whether hiking in the Salzkammergut, in the Salzburger Land, in the Pinzgau or in the numerous amazing hiking areas in the surrounding regions – our Eurohike support team on-site ensures your all-round perfectly organised active holiday. We will tell you more about our support team and the station in Obertrum am See.

The Eurohike Team in Obertrum

Our hiking station in Obertrum am See is managed by Manuele Biancon. He is not only responsible for the smooth running of our active holidays, but also for a team of ten team members. All team members support Manuele in looking after our cycling and hiking guests and in maintaining the equipment. Do you have any questions or concerns during your active holiday or are you looking for a special insider tip for the region? Our on-site team will be happy to help you and will certainly have one or two insider tips for you. The station in Obertrum has a total of 1000 bicycles for our Eurobike brand including 200 e-bikes.

Team photo Obertrum

The beginnings of the station in the Salzkammergut

The station in Obertrum am See has existed since the beginning. Specifically, since the company was founded in 1991 and since the founding of the company headquarters in Obertrum in 1995. Since then, the diverse Eurobike Cycle Tours have been managed in this station. Since 2004, the station has also served as a hub for our individual Eurohike Walking Holidays. Did you already know that the first Eurobike Cycling Holidays – Ten Lakes Tour – led through the picturesque Salzkammergut and thus also along the idyllic Lake Obertrum? Since then, numerous active holiday makers have been enjoying the wonderful cycling and hiking holidays in the region year after year.

Tasks of our hiking station

Our support team at the station in Obertrum am See ensures that all active holidays run smoothly every day. This includes the planning, organisation and implementation, as well as the warm care of our active travel guests. Top priority is the all-round perfect holiday experience of our guests, as well as the smooth luggage transfer throughout the holiday. Further tasks of our support team in Obertrum are handing over the detailed travel documents and conducting the welcome meetings. For the cycle holiday brand Eurobike the corresponding rental bikes are individually adapted and the equipment is constantly maintained.

Facts and details about the hiking station in the Salzkammergut

  • Station manager: Manuele Biancon
  • Number of employees: Ten
  • Supervised active holidays: Eurohike Walking Holidays and Eurobike Cycling Holidays
  • Information for our cycling brand Eurobike: 1.000 bicycles (thereof 200 e-bikes)


Since the founding of the company in 1991 and the establishment of the company headquarters in Obertrum am See in 1995, the Eurobike Cycling Holidays have been taken care of at this station. Since 2004, the Eurohike Walking Holidays are supervised at this station as well.

Hiking holidays serviced at the station in the Salzkammergut

The selection of individual hiking holidays, which are managed by our station in Obertrum am See, is diverse and offers exactly the right active experience in nature for all levels of hiking. And there are plenty of natural landscapes in the beautiful hiking regions. Whether it is the Ten Lakes Trekking Tour, 10 days, the hiking tour Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut, or the hiking tour Salzburg’s Peaks & Kitzbühel Alps – these active holidays are guaranteed to impress you.

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