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Madeira Hiking Station

Presentation of our hiking station on Madeira

The exotic flower island of Madeira inspires numerous hiking guests every year. No wonder, because the wonderful island in the Atlantic offers perfect conditions for a successful active holiday. There are ideal climatic conditions for spending time outdoors all year round and when hiking in Madeira you can experience a harmonious balance of the region's natural, cultural and culinary delights. In order to guarantee a perfect hiking experience, our on-site support team ensures that your active time-out is organized smoothly. Read more about our support team and the hiking station on Madeira.

The Eurohike team on Madeira

When hiking on the beautiful island of Madeira, the background noise of everyday life suddenly moves far away and the wonderful nature can be experienced with a special intensity. Our support team on-site also knows this and they look forward to ensuring that all our Eurohike Walking Holidays on Madeira run smoothly every day. Since 2017, the station on Madeira has been in charge of  the cycle tours by Eurobike and the Eurohike hiking tours. Ricardo Gouveia is the station manager and, together with his experienced team, ensures that all active tours are handled professionally. Should any questions arise during your hiking holidays, the support team on-site can be reached at any time on our service-telephone.

The beginnings of the hiking station on Madeira

The exotic flora and fauna, the varied hiking paths and the mild climate ensure a unique hiking experience on Madeira. The cycling holidays of our cycle tour brand Eurobike and the hiking tours of Eurohike have been managed by our station since 2017. Whether on an individual hiking holiday or while hiking with charm - a hiking holiday on Madeira is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure.

Daily tasks of the hiking station

From the perfect planning and organization, to the implementation and the daily support of our hiking holidays on-site – our support team on Madeira ensures your all-round successful active break while hiking on the flower island in the Atlantic. If you are already enjoying your next hiking stage, our team will take care of the smooth luggage transfer. The creation and handing over of the detailed travel documents, as well as the maintenance of the bicycles for the Eurobike cycling holidays, are part of the daily tasks in the station.

Facts and details about the hiking station on Madeira

  • Station manager: Ricardo Gouveia
  • Number of employees: Five
  • Supervised active holidays: Eurohike hiking holidays and Eurobike cycle holidays
  • Information for our cycle brand Eurobike: 50 bicycles, thereof 15 e-bikes


Since 2017, the station has been in charge of the Eurobike cycling tours and the Eurohike walking holidays on Madeira.

Traumhaftes Wanderpanorama auf Madeira

More hiking stations

Hiking holidays serviced at the station

You can enjoy the blooming life while hiking on Madeira. Not only the exotic flower gardens, the subtropical island vegetation and the colorful variety in the botanical garden in Funchal will inspire you. The impressive coastal hikes on the wild north coast, from Porto da Cruz to Sao Vicente, as well as the impressive stage on the high plateau and through the cloud forest ensure an unforgettable break. The hiking holiday around Madeira and the hiking tour around Madeira with Charm take you to the most beautiful places on the island in eight days and on good hiking paths

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