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South Tyrol Hiking Station

Presentation of our hiking station in South Tyrol

The wonderful regions in South Tyrol offer ideal conditions for an all-round successful hiking experience in Northern Italy. Explore the stunning hiking paths by foot, taste the traditional specialities of the region and always be accompanied by a picturesque natural backdrop – that and much more awaits you on a hiking holiday in South Tyrol. Our support team at the hiking station in Bolzano ensures a carefree and perfectly organised active holiday and is always there for you! Read more about our support team and the station in Bolzano

The Eurohike team in Bolzano

Our hiking station in Bolzano, one of our largest stations in Europe, is managed by Ricardo Gouveia. Together with ten other employees, we ensure that your active holidays run smoothly every day in beautiful South Tyrol. The tasks of the support team in Bolzano include for instance maintaining the equipment or preparing the detailed travel documents. Our regional supervisors, who are stationed in Reschen, on Lake Garda and in Venice take care of our active travel guests on-site. In this way, personal support for our guests is guaranteed in every area with a direct contact person.

Team photo of the Bolzano bike station

The beginnings of the hiking station in South Tyrol

Our station in Bolzano has existed since 1994. A lot has changed since then and the station as we know it today has existed since 2016. Before we offered our individual hiking holidays in South Tyrol, the station was exclusively responsible for our bike brand Eurobike. The bikes and corresponding equipment were accommodated in the partner hotels in South Tyrol. Today ten employees, 800 bicycles and lots of equipment and travel documents ensure that our guests have an all-round successful active holiday experience at the station in Bolzano. There is a large meeting room on-site for welcome meetings and tour information, some of which are held directly in the station.

Tasks of our hiking station in Bolzano

Everyday work of our support team in Bolzano is very varied. With a lot of passion and know-how, we ensure that our Eurobike cycling holidays and Eurohike hiking holidays run smoothly every day. This includes the reliable luggage transfer, the preparation and distribution of the detailed travel documents, as well as the personal support of our active travel guests and availability on our service telephone. Would you be happy about one or the other insider tip? Our on-site team knows the area and is always happy to tell you a special insider tip about the region.

Facts and details about the hiking station in South Tyrol

  • Station manager: Stefano Mancinelli
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Supervised active holidays: Eurohike hiking holidays and Eurobike cycling holidays
  • Information for our cycle brand Eurobike: 800 bicycles and 280 e-bikes


Since 1994, the Eurobike station in Bozen has been in charge of the cycling tours and, since 2010, our individual Eurohike walking holidays have also been managed by this station.

Station manager Bolzano Stefano Mancinelli

Hiking holidays serviced at the station

Our station in Bolzano is the hub for all active holidays in Northern Italy. Whether for our individual Eurobike cycling holidays or for our self-guided Eurohike hiking holidays – this is the starting point for lots of active moments of enjoyment in the beautiful nature of Northern Italy. Experience your personal active adventure on our hiking holiday from Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See, 9 days and explore the Via Claudia by foot, or enjoy all the treasures of South Tyrol on the hiking tour South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 7 days. The region can also be wonderfully experienced on a short hiking holiday, for instance, on our hiking holiday South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 4 days.

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