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The most beautiful hiking holidays with a dog in Germany

From Garmisch to Meran

Mountain hiking and a ‘light’ crossing of the Alps: On our mountain hiking holiday from Garmisch to Meran, 8 days you will experience an unforgettable time together with your four-legged friend and cross the Alps while you’re at it. A few unique highlights are waiting for you on this tour: the sunken church on the Reschensee, the Sisi town of Meran and you can experience the charm of three countries in just eight days. You and your dog can experience even more comfort on our mountain hiking holiday from Garmisch to Meran with Charm, 8 days.

Hiking signpost with a view of Lake Reschen


It is known in hiking circles that this hiking trail is something very special, if not the most beautiful panorama trail in Germany. That should mean something – and it will definitely be a great experience for you and your four-legged friend. And did you know that the Altmühltal-Panorama-Path has been recognised as a quality hiking trail in Bavaria? Along the route on our hiking holiday on the Altmühltal-Panorama-Path, 9 days, a wonderful natural backdrop, cultural highlights and culinary delicacies await you. Our tip: Would you like to enjoy this active holiday on a short hiking holiday? Our hiking holiday Altmühltal-Panorama-Path, 5 days offers the perfect short break for you and your dog.

Hiking with dog in the Altmühltal

Around Zugspitze

Explore Germany’s highest mountain on a hiking holiday with your dog. On our hiking holiday Around Zugspitze, 7 days you have plenty of opportunities for this. The leisurely hikes and varied routes on good hiking trails are ideal for an active adventure with your dog. In addition, there are the wonderful mountain panoramas, the quiet alpine landscapes and of course the Bavarian cosiness – which you can not only feel, but also taste. Because you will always have a break from hiking to taste the typical delicacies in Bavaria on this hiking holiday. You and your four-legged friend can enjoy even more comfort on our hiking holiday around Zugspitze with charm, 7 days.

Panorama with view of the mountains and hinking paths

Rhine walking: Rüdesheim - Koblenz

Experience excellent active moments on our mountain hiking holiday Rhine walking: Rüdesheim - Koblenz, 8 days. The Rheinsteig is not only one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany, but also a certified premium hiking trail. The award-winning hiking trail offers wonderful and well-developed hiking trails and guarantees an incomparably beautiful experience in nature and the fresh air. What more could you wish for in a successful hiking holiday with your dog? Would you like to book this hiking tour as a short break? Our short hiking holiday Rhine walking: Rüdesheim - St. Goarshausen, 5 days offers exactly the right opportunity.

Hiking tour on the Rhine with panoramic views

Our Eurohike moments while hiking with a dog in Germany

  • Top photo spot: Don’t miss out on taking a beautiful picture of the famous sunken church in the Reschensee during our mountain hiking holiday from Garmisch to Meran, 8 days. It’ll be a nice reminder of your hiking tour with your dog in Italy.
  • Hiking breaks on the Alm: Experience something particularly delicious on the hiking holiday Around Zugspitze, 7 days as you hike in the natural paradise of the Gaistal. The Ehrwalder Alm at 1,500 metres serves the best Tyrolean cuisine: from homemade dumplings and cakes, speck and bread or Kaiserschmarren – all foodies will get something delicious. However, you should take a few treats in your bag for your four-legged companion as well.

Useful information about hiking with a dog in Germany

Facts and details

  • Hiking regions: Our Eurohike travel specialists have put together the most beautiful regions and hiking routes for hiking holidays with dogs in Germany.
  • Area: 357,386 km²
  • Population: 83,02 million residents in Germany
  • Capital: Berlin with approx. 3,64 million inhabitants
  • Official language: German
  • Highest mountain: At 2,962 meters, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany.
  • Season: The best climate for hiking holidays with dogs in Germany is from April/May to October, depending on the individual hiking holiday and region.
  • Special feature: The particularly good hiking trails not only provide the perfect basis for a successful hiking holiday for hikers who are hungry for exercise, but also for your animal companions.
Wanderglück beim Wandern mit Hund

Questions and answers about hiking with a dog in Germany

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The hiking areas in Germany are an ideal travel destination for active holidaymakers who like to take their dog with them on a hiking holiday. The well-developed hiking paths and routes are the ideal basis for a successful hiking holiday with a dog. All Eurohike hiking holidays marked with a paw are guaranteed to be dog-friendly and the route also offers a wonderful experience for your four-legged friend.

 To enter Germany with a dog, you need the following documents / vaccinations:

  • EU pet passport
  • Microchipping your dog
  • Proof of a valid rabies vaccination (the first dose must have been given at least 21 days before the trip)
  • Minimum age for entry or transit: 15 weeks (entry and transit of puppies under 15 weeks is prohibited)
  • Entry regulations for certain dog breeds: special entry regulations apply to certain breeds in Germany. Please inform yourself about the relevant regulations before you travel.
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