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The most beautiful hiking paths for four paws

Hiking with a dog all over Europe
Wanderglück beim Wandern mit Hund

For many people the dog has a special meaning in their life. It is all nicer if you not only experience everyday life together, but also the well-deserved vacation time, actively hiking on the most beautiful hiking paths in Europe. Hiking in nature not only has a particularly good effect on our health, but is also beneficial for that of your dog. In addition, a multi-day hiking holiday strengthens the trusting relationship between you and your four-legged friend. That sounds like a wonderful experience.

So, that you do not have to worry about anything when hiking with your dog, our Eurohike travel specialists have packed the most beautiful hiking paths into paw-friendly active holidays. From the personal support on-site, the dog-friendly routes and hotels, as well as the detailed travel documents, everything is well organised. Experience the most beautiful hiking paths with the best companion you could wish for – your dog.

Wanderglück beim Wandern mit Hund

Hiking happiness for both people and animals: levels of difficulty


Hiking levels for hiking with a dog

Our hiking holidays are divided into four levels of difficulty, so-called ‚levels of hiking‘. These should help with the selection of individual active holidays and offer a wonderful holiday experience for all levels of difficulty. From moderate walking, walking, mountain hiking to trekking, everything is included. Exactly these four categories will help you when choosing your hiking holiday with a dog, because there are also differences with the four-legged companion when it comes to stamina, fitness level and and movement requirements.

  • You can find practical tips on how to make a hiking holiday with your four-legged companion a success on our HikingBlog: How to hike with a dog.
Wanderer mit Hund auf der Genneralm

Paw-friendly hiking holidays in Europe: the destinations

Hiking with a dog all over Europe


Whether in the familiar regions in Germany and Austria or in the somewhat more southern hiking areas in Italy – our comprehensively organised hiking holidays ensure a wonderful time-out for both people and animals.

And what better way to leave everyday life behind than far away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle whilst hiking? This is not only good for us humans, the time in nature also offers a welcome change for the dog and challenges the animal physically and mentally.

When selecting dog-friendly hiking holidays, our Eurohike travel specialists focus on the corresponding paw-friendly hiking paths and routes, as well as hotels and accommodations that warmly welcome dogs. After all the daily tours should also be managable and safe for the four-legged companion. And in the evening there should not be a lack of relaxation and enjoyment in the accommodation. It is all the more important that all hotels and accommodations cater to the needs of active holidaymakers with dogs.

The most beautiful hiking holidays with a dog

Our hiking holidays are assigned general levels of difficulty: moderate walking, walking, mountain hiking and trekking. These levels will help you find the right holiday and level of difficulty for you and your dog. No matter which hiking holiday with luggage transfer you choose: forests, meadows, lakes or mountains – nature is the place where a dog feels most at home. Here you will find the most beautiful hiking holidays with a dog.

Short hiking holidays: a little break for both people and four-legged companions

Are you looking for a mini break for a few days? A short hiking holiday also offers a pleasant break for both people and animals. Discover the hiking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm, 5 days and enjoy that extra bit of comfort in selected feel-good accommodations. You will experience a fairytale adventure during the short hiking holiday Magical Spessart, 5 days. But you can also wonderfully enjoy a short hiking holiday in the Salzkammergut.

The Ten Lakes Trekking Tour, 5 days takes you and your dog to six lakes in only five days – plenty of moments for a marvellous cool-off are guaranteed. Our tip: The picturesque regions in South Tyrol are ideal for a hiking holiday with family and dog. Our hiking holiday South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 4 days leads to the most beautiful places in South Tyrol. You will not come across more hiking fun for young and old anywhere else.

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