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Helene en route along the World Heritage Trail Wachau

Hiking tours along vines with panoramich views onto the Danube
Hikers on the World Heritage Trail

Vineyards, apricot orchards and cultural assets of all kinds characterise the World Heritage Region Wachau. Considering all of this it was an easy choice for a suitable hiking holiday. Our holiday along the World Heritage Trail Wachau started in the town of Krems and led us all the way to Spitz on the river Danube. As a crowning finale this hiking holiday contains a boat trip from Spitz back to Krems, taking you past the places of the Wachau, which you got to know and love during your hiking holiday.

Hikers on the World Heritage Trail

Let’s rumble!

We have probably chosen the hottest week of the year. My first Eurohike hiking holiday accompanied by my dad started in Krems on 20th August. Our arrival by car was straight forward and we even managed to get some shopping done along the way. Our initial day was spent exploring the town of Krems.

After we had deposited our luggage at Hotel Klinglhuber, we took a stroll through the shopping streets of this town all the way to the river Danube. Soon we came across the start of our hiking tour for tomorrow and with anticipation glanced up to the cobbled road of the pedestrian area. From nearly every corner we caught a glimpse of the World Heritage sign, which will accompany us the entire week.

The hiking tours


The summer heat already woke us early in the morning and soon after breakfast motivated us to tackle our hiking tours. When equipped with plenty of drinking water even the hot summer temperatures are not a problem to thoroughly enjoy each hiking stage. Again and again routes lead to sections in the shade and there are always benches to rest with panoramic views and a view onto the river Danube. On Day 1 the motto was to leave the town of Krems and ascend high up into the vineyards. We hiked to various look-outs and viewpoints – with a constant view onto the Danube.

Wine, Danube and various trails through the Wachau region

The views during the entire week of hiking are fascinating and time and again deliver stunning photo opportunities. Looking back the highlights cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand: Danube look-out, Seekopf, Fesselhütte & Co … offer splendid panoramic views across this unique region. Countless ruins and derelict castle walls line the routes of the World Heritage Trail and evoke a certain curiosity for the history of the region. When hiking through the vineyards at temperatures of over 35 degrees you slightly feel as if you are spending time in Italy. The scenery brown and dried out after such a hot summer? By no means! The vines and forests colour the surrounding areas in a vibrant green.

Lovingly decorated rooms and marvellous treats of the Wachau region

Each and every hotel during our hiking week totally won us over from the very first moment. Each of them different, individual and fitting for the respectable town and perfectly selected for this hiking holiday. All accommodations feature a very central location, which allows you to perhaps explore the small idyllic villages after your arrival even before dinner. The hosts and hoteliers cordially strive to please each of the guests and are happy to chat about their beloved Wachau and the history of the region. Typical dishes of the Wachau region are characterised by fresh local produce and exceptional quality always freshly prepared. There is something for everyone – whether spicy, sweet or both. All accommodations are situated near the river Danube which gives you the opportunity to take a walk along the Danube riverbank and enjoy the sunset there.

Fish on basil risotto in the Wachau region

All in all

… an enchanting region perfect for hiking! Each hiking stage is different and convinces through varied landscapes. Our World Heritage Trail Wachau truly picks the most beautiful sections of this extensive World Heritage Trail and connects them to a magnificent journey from one place to the next. Overall a perfect hiking holiday for every type of nature-, culture- and hiking enthusiast!

See you soon, Yours, Helene

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