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Time for New Paths

Your break on Europe‘s most beautiful hiking paths

One of the most important components for a successful hiking holiday is the precise selection of hiking paths. The routes should not only be signposted well, but also ensure the right form of active movement, tailored to the respective level of difficulty. For easier maneuvering, we have assigned our individual hiking tours general levels of hiking. Ranging from moderate walking to trekking you can hike on our holidays on easy-to-walk, well-developed paths or experience routes which require good stamina, a head for heights and surefootedness from experienced mountain hikers.

Either way, you will experience the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe on our hiking tours with luggage transfer, entirely at your own pace and hiking rhythm. With their wealth of experience and insider knowledge, our experienced experts in product management and our professional travel specialists ensure that you can enjoy precisely these special hiking trails – far away from the crowds. So let’s go and set off on the most wonderful hiking paths in Austria, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The most beautiful hiking paths in Austria

Hiking on the Alpe-Adria-Trail

What a fantastic travel destination Austria is, featuring unspoilt nature, best hiking quality, unique sights and wonderful cuisine. Here the best of tradition and modernity come together, both on your hiking routes and in your feel-good accommodation, including regional cusine. Our hiking tours on the Alpe-Adria-Trail are special adventures, which take you in 43 hiking stages starting from Austria to Slovenia and on to Italy. On the cross-border long-distance hiking trail, you can hike without luggage and enjoy the full comfort of a perfectly organised hiking holiday. The best thing about our tours along the Alpe-Adria-Trail? Natural installations and landmarks await you on all 43 stages, which provide even more variety when hiking with exciting information about the region and culture.

Nature, culture and culinary delights along the World Heritage Trail Wachau

Have you ever been in the Wachau? If not, you should definitely plan this region for your next hiking holiday. Along the World Heritage Trail Wachau you experience one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Austria by foot, hike through picturesque wine villages and enjoy the harmonious combination of culture, nature and cuisine of the Wachau World Heritage scenery. The hiking paths are continuously checked by the Austrian Alpine Club and the Austrian Tourist Club and all trail markings are maintained in a sustainable manner. The routes are also wonderfully suitable for hiking holidays with dogs.

Weissenkirchen in Wachau

Long-distance hiking along the Lechweg Path

With its 125 kilometres of hiking routes, beautiful natural sceneries and lots of highlights en route, the Lechweg Path provides a particularly varied break when hiking between Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Bavaria. You always walk along the wild river Lech from the high mountains to the foothills of the Alps in Bavaria. A special highlight of this holiday is crossing the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Austria, which will take you over a distance of 200 metres and a height of 110 metres across and above the Höhenbach-gorge. That kind of daily stage along the Lechweg Path was not enough for you? No problem, because the varied Lech-river bends can easily be used as half-day or full-day tours as an addition to the long-distance hiking trail. And if you get hungry after a pleasant stage, the regional Lechweg-produce such as cheese specialities, meat products or a tasty beer provide the necessary remedy.

Awarded hiking paths in Germany

Hiking on the Rheinsteig Trail, Altmühltal-Panorama-Path and Moselsteig Trail

Germany is a real hiker’s paradise and with its beautiful natural sceneries and well-developed hiking paths, offers plenty of active adventures. In particular, the quality & premium hiking trails in Germany guarantee that you are on routes worth experiencing and on varied paths. We have packed some of these excellent and award-winning hiking trails for you in fantastic hiking holidays. Enjoy the picturesque vineyards, the culture and the culinary delights of the region while hiking on the Rheinsteig Trail, a premium hiking trail located in Rhineland-Palatinate. Bavaria‘s most beautiful places await you when hiking on the Altmühltal-Panorama-Path, which is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany due to the uninterrupted signposting and fabulous route. Even more quality hiking adventures in the Rhineland-Palatinate await all active holidaymakers when hiking on the Moselsteig Trail. Whichever hiking route and individual hiking holiday you choose, a pleasant break in nature is guaranteed on these stunning hiking paths in Germany.

View of the Danube loop in the Altmühl valley

The most beautiful hiking paths in Spain

Mediterranean hiking on the GR221 Mallorca

The route along the GR221 Mallorca takes you by foot from the mountains to the sea. What awaits you here will leave you with amazing memories for a long time to come. Well-signposted hiking paths with a unique Mediterranean flair, breathtaking coastal trails and distant views of the Mediterranean Sea, routes that lead through olive groves and orange gardens and to idyllic island towns, as well as wonderful island cuisine including terrific Mallorcan wines. On the 150-kilometre long-distance hiking trail, you can experience Mallorca from its most beautiful side – by foot, individual and far away from the crowds.

Fantastic hiking routes in Italy

Hiking the Via Claudia Augusta in Italy

A hiking path that is particularly steeped in history can be found in Italy: the Via Claudia Augusta. The former cultural and trade route served the Romans as a trade route across the Alps. Hikers interested in culture immerse themselves in a millennia-old history on this 600-kilometre long-distance hiking trail from Italy via Tyrol to Bavaria. We have packed particularly beautiful stages of this route into fantastic hiking tours for you to take you to probably the most stunning places along the Via Claudia Augusta. Whether on the walking holiday Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See, 9 days, the walking tour Lake Reschensee – Meran with Charm, 7 days or on our walking holiday from Lake Garda to Venice, 8 days – the special uniqueness of the Via Claudia Augusta will accompany you on these tours.

Active holidays on the most beautiful hiking paths in Europe

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