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The beginning of spring in the Wachau

Dreamy apricot blossom and fantastic hiking trails
Marillenblüte in der Wachau

Is there anything nicer than feeling those first rays of warming sun after winter? When the winegrowers open their taverns, the apricot trees with their white splendor are in full bloom and the wine cellars are organized to taste the young wines: then the time is here again. Spring has arrived in the Wachau and envelopes the areas of the Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Traisental, Wagram and Carnutum in a splendid colourful dress from mid-March to the end of May.

With a bit of luck you will catch the famous Wachau apricot blossom, which falls on a different time each year (depending on how severe the winter was). Nevertheless, you can hope that you’re there to watch the enchanting spectacle between mid-March and mid-April.

Marillenblüte in der Wachau

Reasons why it is worthwhile to experience the Wachau spring awakening…

During the spring awakening of the Wachau, the blossoms of the apricot trees bloom in fragrant pink and white. The Eurohike team has summarized why a hike in spring in the Danube area is particularly worthwhile.


  • Reason 1: Because a walk on the Marillenweg and through the apricot gardens in Rossatz is simply indescribably beautiful. Four kilometres long and with information boards along the way, which give you an insite into the annual cycle of the apricot, you hike through the cultivation area.

  • Reason 2: Because you don’t always need the alps or rugged mountain peaks to crown the end of a hike. The hiking trails meander through vineyards, past ruins and cultural treasures through the region. If you look down onto the Wachau from above, the Danube loop and the picturesque villages make the Lower Austrian landscape enchanting.
  • Reason 3: Because you can taste the best while wines in Austria in the Wachau. Whether Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc or a blended wine: the list is long. Winegrowers, wine taverns and cellar lanes lure with sparkling grape juice in a freshly polished wine glass.
Vine and enjoyment on the hiking trail Wachau

Eurohike recommendation for the Wachau

It takes you to the most beautiful places in the Wachau and shows you the wine-growing region from above: we are talking about the Wachau World Heritage Trail. The hiking tour is particularly popular from the end of March to mid-April – thanks to the fabulous view of the pink and white blooming apricot trees.

You pass UNESCO World Heritage cities such as Melk and Krems. The boat trips on the Danube and taste your way through the Lower Austrian delicacies. In addition to the standard tour, the Eurohike team also offers a charm version.

The difference: You stay in hotels with special extras and amenities such as wellness and relaxation areas. This offer also includes a four-course wine tasting menu from the Gartenhotel Pfeffel winery.

Travelling with charm is the icing on the cake so to speak. In addition to the complete worry-free package, every wish will be granted at the charm hotels. The Eurohike team can provide more information about the tour.

Helene Edtmeier

"Bei der Planung Ihrer Wanderreise in der Wachau unterstütze ich Sie gerne."

Helene Edtmeier
Team Leader of Eurohike Travel Specialists
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