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Quality & premium hiking trails in Germany

Discover hiking trails with 100% quality on foot.
Panoramic views while hiking in the Altmühltal

Hiking tours with Eurohike are not only perfectly planned – from the travel documents, the maps or the carefully selected hotels and accommodation – but they also take you to the dreamiest places in Germany. For us at Eurohike, it is not only very important to lead you to the most beautiful places and dreamy hiking routes, the hiking paths should also be subject to a clear quality criteria. There are certified hiking trails in Germany that promise unlimited hiking pleasure and hiking quality at the highest level. With Eurohike you will experience perfect hiking quality and pure active pleasure in nature on your hiking holidays in Germany.

You can now read all about the difference between quality hiking trails and premium hiking trails, what criteria these trails are subject to and what makes these routes so special on our blog.

Panoramic views while hiking in the Altmühltal

Premium hiking trails in Germany

A hiking trip at a premium level – that is the claim we at Eurohike not only place on our trips, but also on our selected hiking routes. Therefore, the certified premium hiking trails in Germany offer the ideal conditions for a successful hiking experience. Premium hiking trails are well-marked, well-maintained and continuously monitored along the entire route. These hiking trails are well signposted and guarantee a huge amount of opportunity for adventure for hikers.

This valuable certification is awarded by the German Hiking Institute, based in Marburg, and evaluates the hiking trails on the basis of 34 criteria, which are divided into 5 categories:

  • Path format (e.g. width, surface)
  • Nature and landscape (e.g. water, edge of forest, animal enclosures)
  • Culture and civilisation (e.g. historical buildings, gastronomy, special buildings)
  • Hiking guidance system (e.g. signposts, benches, rest spots)
  • Other criteria (e.g. routing, proximity to nature)

Quality hiking trails in Germany

A hiking trail that has been awarded the seal of quality “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” by the German Hiking Association should not only be acceptable to the hiker, it should also meet a certain path format, route guidance system, as well as selected nature, landscape and cultural requirements. Compared to the premium hiking trails, the quality hiking trails are rated according to 9 core and 23 optional criteria. The key criteria include a balanced route on unused roads, the nature of the paths, as well as the width of the paths and how natural they are.

Furthermore, visitor guidance or user-friendly markings, variety and the experience away from the path are among the most important key criteria for achieving certification.

But sustainability is also a top priority when choosing these hiking trails. The assessment is repeated every three years to continuously improve and maintain the quality of the hiking trail.

With Eurohike on the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany

We at Eurohike have summarised the most beautiful and certified hiking trails in Germany at a glance:

These Eurohike hiking tours with luggage transfer are also offered in shorter versions. You can find even more information about hiking in the Alps and a lot of hiking pleasure during your walking holidays in Germany here.

Our conclusion: A well-marked, well-tended and eventful hiking trail is the perfect basis for a successful hiking tour. We at Eurohike ensure that we always guide you along the most beautiful hiking routes and guarantee you unlimited hiking pleasure on your hiking holiday in Germany.

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