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On the trail of wine

Discover Europe‘s most beautiful wine regions while hiking
Hiking trail with vineyards on the world heritage trail Wachau

The most beautiful wine-growing regions in Europe can be explored in a variety of ways – the most beautiful and probably most intensive way is individual hiking. Step by step you experience dreamy natural scenery, romantic terraced vineyards, cosy wine taverns, picturesque ‚cellar lanes‘ and wonderful hiking paths by foot. After a dream day of hiking in nature, you can look forward to a wonderful dinner with accompanying wines – food and wine from the immediate region, of course.

On our Eurohike HikingBlog, we will now reveal where active connoisseurs can hike through the wine regions most worth discovering, experience the full comfort of a hiking holiday with luggage transfer and at the same time taste world-renowned wines.

Hiking trail with vineyards on the world heritage trail Wachau

Wine knowledge about Austria: Facts & overview

However before we present you the particularly harmonious wine hiking holidays, we will tell you a few more exciting facts and figures about wine production in Austria. According to the 'Austrian Wine statistics report', Austria’s vineyard area covered a total of 44.913 hectares in 2021.  70 percent of this area was planted with white grape varieties. The leader among Austrian white wines is the undisputed ‚Grüne Veltliner‘ with 14.614 hectares of vineyards. The popular red wine variety ‚Zweigelt‘ takes second place with 6.230 hectares of total area, followed directly by the white wine variety ‚Welschriesling‘ with 2.943 hectares of vineyards.


The most important wine region in Austria for Grünen Veltliner is located in Lower Austria. In Styria, on the other hand, Sauvignon Blanc is the most commonly grown grape variety for white wines. When it comes to the red grape variety, the Zweigelt in Lower Austria and the Blaufränkisch in the Burgenland are the absolute frontrunners among the cultivated varieties. In 2021, a total wine harvest of 2.46 million hectolitres was determined, which was three percent above the average yield of the past five years.

Wine experiences in the hiking countries Austria, Germany and Italy

One thing is clear: numerous fabulous regions in Austria, Germany and Italy are ideal for a successful hiking holiday. You can experience these areas in an even more atmospheric way on a wine hiking tour, since hardly any other combination is as enjoyable as hiking and sampling wine.

Experience wine enjoyment by foot

Our selected hiking holidays lead to the most beautiful wine regions, special cultural treasures and idyllic lanes with wine cellars. Discover the unmistakable romantic scenery while hiking in the Wachau and enjoy all the advantages of the Danube region. The excellent wines of the hiking regions in Central Germany await a tasting in Rhineland-Palatinate and along the river Moselle. In addition: You can hike to the particularly marvellous gourmet addresses in the Italian paradise for connoisseurs – the picturesque South Tyrol. Whichever wine region you choose, you are guaranteed to be on the trail of wine on these hiking holidays.

Hiking trails to Dürnstein in the Wachau

Hiking in the wine country of Austria

Numerous of our all-round organised hiking holidays lead to wine and wonderful bliss destinations in Austria. We now present the most beautiful of these hiking tours to you. A unique postcard in the flesh awaits you on a hiking holiday in the Wachau region. Here the routes lead through romantic wine-growing villages, to historic castles and monasteries, as well as along the shimmering Danube and through rows of golden vines. The mild climate, which is characterised by the Pannonian influences, and the calcareous soils provide the perfect basis for the typical characteristics of the regional world-renowned wines.

You get to taste the best grape varieties in the Wachau on our walking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau, 8 days or during the short hiking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau, 5 days. You can experience even more comfort in the charming accommodations on the walking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm, 8 days and on the short hiking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm, 5 days. When hiking with Charm, you spend the night in selected hotels that provide even more relaxation with special extras as well as wellness areas.  

The home of wine in Germany

The best way to enjoy the wonderful wines of Germany’s regions is during a hike. The picturesque hiking areas can be explored by foot during the day, and in the evening typical dishes from Rhineland-Palatinate are served with an excellent glass of wine. As a hiking guest on our hiking holiday Rhine walking: Rüdesheim - Koblenz, 8 days, you will often encounter the regional grape juice along the picturesque routes on the certified premium hiking trail. An excellent glass of Moselle wine awaits you on our hiking holiday Best of Moselsteig, 10 days. The region on the river Moselle is considered the oldest wine-growing region in Germany and is cultivated by more than 2800 winegrowers. And: the Moselsteig Trail is also an award-winning quality hiking trail located in Central Germany. This unique wine-hiking bliss is also available as an 8-day variant or as a short hiking holiday Best of Moselsteig, 5 days.

Hiking holidays on the Rheinsteig Trail

Wine- and Hiking Bliss in Italy

Enjoyment is very important in the beautiful South Tyrol. The wine regions become an experience for all levels of hiking and target groups. Whether on a hiking holiday with children, hiking with a dog or on an individual hiking holiday – the hiking areas in Northern Italy score with a multitude of possibilities and excursion destinations. Especially after an active day spent in nature and numerous hours of enjoying the South Tyrolean landscape on our hiking holiday South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 7 days the glass of South Tyrolean wine tastes even better. Experience the sun-drenched regions between South Tyrol and Trentino on our hiking tour from Meran to Lake Garda, 8 days. Along the South Tyrolean Wine Route between Nals and Salurn there are numerous opportunities to taste regional grape varieties such as the Vernatsch or Gewürztraminer. An Italian hiking holiday full of pleasures!

Panoramic view of the vineyards of Merano

Hiking and wine sounds like your perfect holiday experience? You can find an overview of even more wine regions in Europe and all hiking holidays for wine lovers in Europe here!

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