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Travel Story Bavarian and Salzburg Alps

My hiking adventure in 6 stages
Hiking selfie near Maria Alm

Immerse yourself in the majestic world of the mountains on the Bavarian and Salzburg Alps hiking tour. On our loop tour, we hike around imposing mountain massifs such as the Hochkönig, Watzmann and many others. Breathtaking views, picturesque mountain trails, and an intense experience of nature await my partner Hannes and me in the most beautiful summer weather on our walking holiday in Bavaria and Austria. Discover more about this picturesque natural spectacle in the following travel story.

Hiking selfie near Maria Alm

Diverse paths with indescribable views

I've always dreamed of hiking around the Hochkönig, Watzmann, and other mountains. Now the time has finally come, and my "Team Member on Tour" journey is about to begin. We hike through crisp mountain air, surrounded by majestic peaks and fragrant alpine meadows, completely disconnecting from everyday life. Each day brings new experiences and varied paths, from gravel roads and forest paths to narrow hiking trails and rocky terrain. Along the way, we pass numerous summit crosses and scenic viewpoints, where we pause briefly to relax and rejuvenate.

Klingspitz summit

My Tip

The option to the summit cross on the Klingspitz in Dienten offers an unforgettable and rewarding panorama amidst the splendor of the Alps.

Nature experience along the water worlds

Upon arrival, we head directly to the emerald green Lake Königssee. This fjord-like lake is a highly popular destination, so plan ample time for sightseeing. Consider an extra night before or after your journey to fully enjoy it. Our first hike commences with a transfer to the Pfeifenmacherbrücke bridge, following the crystal-blue Mühlbach stream up to Lake Hintersee in Ramsau.

As we stroll around the lake, the Watzmann massif reflects in its waters, revealing why these lakes are the jewels of the Bavarian Alps. To cap off the day, we traverse the Seisenbergklamm gorge, a natural wonder with its roaring waters. On the final day of our hike in Bluntautal valley, the shimmering green Lake Bluntausee not only mirrors the surrounding peaks but also epitomizes the beauty of the Austrian landscape.

The mountain massif - favorite place on the "Via Alpina" trail

Step by step, we draw nearer to the mountain range. Imposing peaks come into view from a distance. The "Via Alpina" and the Königsweg from Dienten to Mühlbach offer a pure Alpine idyll along the southern side of the Hochkönig. From the first day, we are immersed in the captivating mountain scenery, leaving behind the usual tourist crowds as we find ourselves nearly alone on the trails. Some mountains stand out with their distinctive shapes and varied surfaces, and we begin to recognize a peak or two along the way.

Haflinger on alpine meadow

Biodiversity: Flora, fauna, and wildlife

On the rocky paths at the base of the majestic Hochkönig and amidst the gentle grassy slopes of Pinzgau, we uncover a true paradise of Alpine beauty. We encounter a variety of flora, from blue gentians, pink alpine roses, and summer lilacs to edible blueberries and raspberries. Horses and cows graze peacefully in the alpine meadows, while donkeys and sheep accompany us serenely along the way. During our rest day in Mühlbach, we explore the alpine zoo and meet more animal friends such as pigs, goats, alpacas, and chickens. They revel in country life and enjoy the attention of children to the fullest.

Goat at the Arthurhaus

Alpine cuisine: mountain huts and their culinary treasures

A must for a perfect day of hiking in Austria? The classic "Wiener Schnitzel". Along the way, however, we indulge in numerous other traditional Austrian dishes that showcase the delicious diversity of local cuisine. Our route leads us past several huts, including the picturesque Erichhütte, the charming Arthurhaus, and the impressive Stahlhaus. In the evenings, we savor culinary delights such as delicious turkey strips salad, fresh fish from the clear streams, savory cheese dumplings, and hearty burgers provided by the half-board accommodations. Along the hike, we refresh ourselves with a light serving of Kaiserschmarrn. These meals aren't just sustenance; they are a sensory delight that transforms our journey into an unforgettable culinary adventure. Despite the bustling alpine huts, we are always warmly welcomed and well taken care of.

Beer at the Schweizer Hütte
View of the Tennengebirge

My verdict

In our spare time, my partner Hannes and I love to go hiking in Austria. However, when we think of vacations, we often dream of destinations further south. Nevertheless, this tour was a remarkable reminder that unforgettable experiences are also found close to home. In the end, it becomes clear that paradise is often closer than we realize - because ultimately, home is where the heart is. Already, we're contemplating our next vacation destination and bidding farewell to the mountains with a heartfelt "Pfiat eich!"

My favorite place

This tour offers plenty of variety, captivating panoramas, and numerous alternative routes. Just below the summit of the Taghaube sits a wooden bench in a stunning setting - our favorite resting spot! Here, we unpack our snacks and relish the incredible views in absolute silence. This is precisely what I cherish most about hiking: immersing myself in the peaceful tranquility of beautiful natural landscapes!

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