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Travel story: Hiking tour Bavaria for families

Discovering Geramy's south as a family
Hiker with son in front of wooden logs on the Bockerlbahnweg trail

After our first hiking experiences with our son in the Salzkammergut last year, it was clear to us from the outset: This season it must again be a hiking tour for families from Eurohike! You do not want to miss such beautiful experiences and preferably experience them again and again. Since we didn't want to travel too far and still planned to increase our hiking demands a bit - our son is now already three and a half years old and wants to be challenged. There our dearest neighboring country with the Free State of Bavaria comes to us exactly right. We lace up the hiking boots and off we go on the hiking tour Bavaria for families!

Hiker with son in front of wooden logs on the Bockerlbahnweg trail

Excellent trails for young and old hiking enthusiasts

Hiking-friendly Bavaria presents itself to us from its most beautiful side: with the best weather we start hiking in Bayrischzell, along the wonderfully blue glittering Tegernsee to the Riederstein. Already here we notice that the paths are extraordinarily suitable for young and old. The variety is the most fun: Starting along the lake, we walk up the stairs to the Riederstein and through the woods back down to Tegernsee.

From one lake to another

But all of the following days are also quite challenging. We hike over alpine pastures to Schliersee and reward ourselves at the end of the day with a jump into the crystal clear lake. During the third stage, we first walk along the lakeside adventure trail of Schliersee before continuing up to Spitzingsee along the "Bockerlbahnweg". The fact that you can then go pedal boating on the deep blue mountain lake is just the "icing on the cake" of a wonderful day of hiking.

Hiker with a backpack carrier walking along a lakeside trail

Vom Taubenstein zum Rotwandhaus

On all stages, the son hikes himself, or takes a seat on mom's or dad's back in the tried-and-tested children's harness. This is also the case during the fourth stage, where we first take the cable car to the mountain station at Taubenstein. Afterwards, we hike along the high-altitude trail to the Rotwandhaus with unbelievably beautiful views.

Because the sun is shining so warmly from the sky, we spontaneously decide to take the longer route via the Großtiefentaler Kessel instead of returning by cable car. We are rewarded with a fun hike past the Stoinsee to Bayrischzell.

The fifth stage: up the Wendelstein mountain

Exhausted but happy, we then set off on our last day for our hike up the Wendelstein. And although the initially beautiful weather gives way to dense fog after the ride on the Wendelstein cable car, we enjoy the exciting and stony panoramic trail on the Wendelstein before we float back down into the valley on the cable car. After five wonderful days of hiking, we can confidently say that no two hiking days are alike. Before the trip, we had not expected to experience so much variety.

View from the hiking trail on Wendelstein

Children love Bavarian home cooking

We have to admit: The price for the food around the Tegernsee and the Wendelstein is somewhat higher than usual. Here you probably pay for the transport to the mountain inn or the alpine hut 😉 But once you have adjusted to it, you will be rewarded with tasty home cooking, which also offers the children so many things: At the Galaun mountain inn, the first stop is typically Munich white sausages. At Tegernsee, we taste the famous "Tegernseer Kirschtorte". In Spitzingsee we have delicious spinach dumplings in butter or hearty roast pork, and at the Gindelalm we share homemade Kaiserschmarrn with stewed plums. That we really enjoy ourselves on our hiking trip is out of the question! So if, like us, you like home cooking and appreciate regional cuisine, you'll be in good culinary hands on the hiking trip to Bavaria for families.

Kaiserschmarrn with sauce

In Bavaria's Alps & Lakes there is much to experience

If the paths already seem varied, the program far from the hikes surpasses this by far! Because already on the first day is not just hiked - with the rowing ferry you are brought across the Tegernsee to the start of the hike. Our son awaits the arrival of the "ferryman", who rows his guests across the lake all day long after the bell rings, with shining eyes. But the boat trip along the Tegernsee back to Bad Wiessee is also a lot of fun for our little one. The fact that during the fourth and fifth stages we first take the cable car up the mountain is just as much of a highlight for our son,

like the numerous bathing places, where you can confidently jump into the refreshing, but therefore crystal clear lakes. On the hiking trails, our little one simply never gets bored: playgrounds and adventure trails are waiting everywhere, turning a simple walk into a great adventure. And then there is always wildlife to explore: From the anthill in the moss-green forest to a vineyard snail on the side of the path to the crows swooping down on the Wendelstein - there's just so much to discover. And together we take each experience home with us in our thoughts.


The hiking trip for families in Bavaria is an all-round successful hiking package for young and old: While we parents are rewarded with partly challenging hikes and incredible views, there is pure variety for kids. The highlights are the transfer over the Tegernsee and the cable car rides to the Taubenstein and Wendelstein, but also the lakes with their many swimming opportunities. The delicious Bavarian cuisine does the rest to make this a wonderful hiking trip for families. In any case, we fell in love with the mountains and lakes of Bavaria and have certainly not hiked for the last time in the State.

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