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Travel story: A high-altitude hike around the Gosau ridge

My experience alonge the Queen's stage on the Dachstein high-altitude circular path
Hiking on the Gosaukamm

Especially with high temperatures during summer the pleasantly cool mountain air in higher regions and a refreshing dip in the beautiful Salzkammergut lakes are just the ticket. This combination also won me over and so I was able to experience the unique Dachstein World Heritage region up close last year on my first employee-on-tour trip. The Dachstein high-altitude circular path combines summit experiences with cooling summer freshness and offers hikers, who are looking for a challenging trekking tour, an unforgettable adventure.

What I remembered in particular about this trekking holiday can be read here in my report along the queen’s stage of this hiking holiday with luggage transfer.

Hiking on the Gosaukamm

My highlights along the queen’s stage

Magical sunrise at the Hofpürgl-hut

After an overnight stay in a hut, the queen’s stage of the Dachstein High Altitude Circular Trail starts directly below the mighty Bischofsmütze-peak – it is worth getting up early here! The orange-pink glowing peaks and the mountain panorama above the hiking trail coming from Ramsau will stay in my memory for a long time.

Idyllic paths & animal companions

On the soft meadow path below the peaks of the Bischofsmütze mountains I meet horses, chamois, sheep and even marmots. These friendly mountain dwellers put a big grin on my face early in the morning. There is no better way to start a hiking tour!

Adventurous trails below the sharp, jagged rockfaces of the Gosau ridge

In the distance, the famous Dachstein mountain range towers over wide, lush green alpine meadows: the Gosau ridge. Lightly trodden meadow paths soon become narrow, stony paths that lead us closer and closer to the high rockfaces. In the shadow of the mountain range we hike along the ridge and are just speechless!

After a promising high-altitude hike, the exciting descent follows as we descend in serpentines. Here it is worth stopping for a moment, relaxing your legs and enjoying the view of the Gosau ridge you have just circumnavigated. The somewhat demanding descent will soon be rewarded.

Hiker at the Gosaukamm

Experience culinary delicacies from one hut to the next

The charming flair on the Stuhlalp, the wonderful view of the Tennengebirge mountain range and a hearty beef broth ensure that you are well strengthened again for the final few kilometres. A quick look into the kitchen reveals the secret of these wonderful delicacies: homemade and prepared with great attention to detail. Even before you can enjoy your well-deserved break in Lake Gosausee at the end of this hiking day, you will encounter rustic alpine huts such as the Gablonzer-hut situated below Mount Donnerkogel. Here, too, the scent of Kaiserschmarrn (sweet dish, a bit like ripped, fluffy pancakes) and fresh ‘Kasnocken’ attracts many hikers to stop off. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, the gently chiming cow bells and the distinct feeling of freedom!

The Stuhlalm

Rewarding cool-off in Lake Gosausee

After the final refreshment, you can take the cable car or alternatively walk down to the anterior Lake Gosausee. Both at the hut plateau, during the cable car descent and at the lakeside you can experience the breathtaking view of the Dachstein glacier. In addition to the gravel path, which leads around the mountain lake, there are numerous opportunities to relax. The crystal-clear glacier water is pleasantly cool and you can immediately feel the beneficial effects on your feet. We say goodbye to this unforgettable hiking stage with Mount Dachstein’s reflection in the water.

The Gosau lake

My hiking tips – before, during and after the trekking holiday

Before the hiking holiday | As you can also read about in our hiking categories from moderate walking to trekking, you should have a certain experience with hiking and trekking, especially for more demanding tours. Rocky mountain paths and partly exposed paths require surefootedness, a head for heights and good stamina on this tour.

Test your fitness in advance on a weekend tour or similar stages.


During the hiking holiday | Pack enough provisions and water on this hiking tour! On the stages with walking times from 5 to 7 hours you do not always have the opportunity to buy food or drinks.

  • On our hiking blog you will find some inspiration for hiking snacks & high-energy refreshments.
Hiker at Donnerkogel

After the hiking holiday | When the tour is – unfortunately – over, you should give your body enough time and rest to regenerate.

Especially in the first few days after a multi-day hike, you should do more gentle sports and relaxation and stretching exercises such as yoga. And do not forget: Health and relaxation come from within!

What you should definitely not forget:

  • Sleeping bag for the overnight stay in the hut
  • Swimwear and microfibre towel in backpack
  • Powerbank
  • Lots of anticipation 🤩
Hiking rest under rock formations

My conclusion

The Dachstein high altitude circular path, 8 days, with its queen’s stage around the Gosau ridge is ideal for all those who are looking for a more athletic tour in the middle of rugged mountains. The best thing about it: Thanks to the organisation in advance, our on-site support and, above all, thanks to the luggage transfer, you do not miss out on comfort and relaxation. The untouched nature, fresh mountain air and impressive views will take you to another world far away from everyday life – enjoy your hiking break in one of the most beautiful regions in Austria!

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