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The Eurohike season review 2023

These were your most popular hiking holidays
Hikers on the Post Bridge in Merano

Where did your hiking adventure take you in 2023? Did it live up to your expectations, offering fantastic trails, breathtaking natural landscapes, and the extraordinary opportunity to delve a little deeper into the enchantment of hiking each day? The sense of fulfillment after an active day in the fresh air is unparalleled. During a hiking vacation, you can savor this unique sensation for several consecutive days while relishing the complete convenience of a well-organized hiking tour. Whether embarking on an Alpine crossing, hiking alongside rivers and from one lake to another, or partaking in a coastal hiking expedition with the year-round enjoyment of pleasant local temperatures, the possibilities are simply limitless.

If you're new to our HikingBlog and have been yearning for the experience of a individual hiking vacation, let our top-rated hiking tours from the past year inspire you. Embark on an unforgettable adventure amidst the splendid natural landscapes of Europe.

Hikers on the Post Bridge in Merano

Crossing the Alps by foot: Alpine crossing for all levels of hiking

Certainly, trekking across the Alps by foot and under one's own steam is currently very popular. This holds true for our loyal Eurohike hiking enthusiasts too. We fully understand that an Alpine crossing is undeniably a one-of-a-kind experience and our options for crossing the Alps are diverse, catering to every level of hiking. Our alpine crossing with Eurohike is particularly popular among our hiking travelers: four entirely independent yet directly consecutive journeys from Munich to Garmisch, from Garmisch to Merano (an absolute top-seller!), from Merano to Lake Garda, and finally from Lake Garda to Venice. You can choose from these four tours individually or experience them all at once as one comprehensive adventure.

Two more breathtaking routes in the Alpine region are our highly sought-after tours from Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee, seamlessly connecting Germany and Austria, and the Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran. Our tip: This trekking tour is now available as a Charm-Option this year, ensuring even greater comfort in carefully selected accommodations.

Time out and enjoyment of nature by the water

When it comes to waterside hiking, our curated hiking tours alongside rivers stand out as a preferred option for our hiking enthusiasts. Especially well-received last year were our walking holidays along the Lechweg-Path, tracing the untamed course of the Lech River from Vorarlberg through Tyrol to Bavaria, and offering flexible durations of 10, 8, or 6 days. The absolute favorites among our guests for hiking excursions in Central Germany is the hiking tour Rhine walking: Mainz - Koblenz and the hiking holiday Best of Moselsteig. It's no surprise, as these trails seamlessly blend riverside hiking with the beauty of nature, rich cultural experiences, and delightful culinary offerings.

Hiking from lake to lake was also among the top travel choices last year, featuring journeys like the walking tour Lake Resia – Lake Caldaro in picturesque South Tyrol, the mountain hiking tour from Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee in Bavaria, and the diverse yet slightly challenging Ten Lakes Trekking Tour adventure in the Salzkammergut regions.

Coastal hiking and Year-round Hiking Tours

Undoubtedly, coastal hiking continues to be one of the most favored travel choices among our active travel guests with destinations spanning tranquil coastal paths across Europe. We've carefully selected the most picturesque routes and designed delightful hiking stages. The popularity speaks for itself. Our Eurohike travel specialists, along with our product management team, are immensely pleased to see that these carefully curated coastal tours are so well-received among our guests. Among our top-rated tours are the Algarve Coastal Walk and Algarve Hiking Rally. Our hiking tours based in one hotel offers the convenience of staying in the same accommodation each night, saving you the daily hassle of changing hotels and allowing for more time for exploration and relaxation.

The undisputed favorites for coastal hiking in the south are the Balearic Island of Majorca and the Italian paradise island of Sardinia. As early as February, our hiking enthusiasts are drawn to the sunny Mallorca to experience the west coast up close on our Majorca‘s West Coast with Charm. Many of our hiking travelers started their spring journey along Sardinia's East Coast last year – what a wonderful way to fully embrace this season. New to our program this year is the hiking tour Tuscan Coast from Pisa to Elba – a breathtaking journey along the Etruscan Coast in picturesque Italy. Thanks to the numerous bookings from our guests, it can immediately be added to the list of the most popular hiking tours.

So, which one will be your favorite hiking tour for 2024? We are already anticipating the excitement and eagerly look forward to making your hiking vacation the most beautiful escape of the year!

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