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Time for ice cream on a hiking holiday

The best types of ice cream to eat on our hiking holidays across Europe
Eisvitrine in Italien

Especially in the warmer months, the desire for a wonderfully cool ice cream is strong. But one thing is clear: ice cream never tastes better than while on holiday. If you also have a fantastic hiking stage on the most beautiful hiking routes behind you, then you can treat yourself to something delicious.

Our Eurohike travel specialists have checked the most beautiful hiking tours with luggage transfer across Europe for the best ice cream flavours and have summarised the absolute favourites here at a glance. From creamy pistachio ice cream on Lake Garda in Italy, cooling off with a wonderful lavender ice cream in the dreamy Provence in France, the famous almond ice cream on the sunny Mediterranean island of Mallorca or the fruity lemon sorbet in Sicily – this is how a hiking holiday in summer can be enjoyed even better, simply wonderful.

Eisvitrine in Italien

Pistachio ice cream on Lake Garda

This ice cream is made from a particularly healthy ingredient, has a light green colour and impresses with its wonderfully nutty, mild and creamy taste. Have you already guessed what it is? We’re talking about pistachio ice cream. The small, green pistachio kernels are real all-rounders, full of good nutrients and with a health-promoting effect. If you process these nuts with other high-quality ingredients into an ice cream, summer enjoyment is guaranteed. Where can you enjoy this? On our hiking holiday from Lake Garda to Venice, 8 days. Because here an ice cream stop on Lake Garda is a real must. Not only will your palate be spoiled by the delicious pistachio ice cream, the sight of the dreamy surroundings will also be a treat for the eyes.

Pistazieneis beim Wandern in Italien

Lavender ice cream in the Provence

When you think of the beautiful regions in the Provence, a special image springs to mind. The purple lavender fields in the pristine nature of France. But can you imagine this fragrant plant, or rather its blossoms, can be transformed into tasty ice cream? We have tasted it for you and can promise you – anyone who already loves the scent of lavender will also find this ice cream delicious. In addition, lavender is used as a medicinal plant. So it’s perfect for a soothing and cooling ice cream that also looks pretty and is healthy. This extraordinary taste sensation is waiting for you. Where? On our hiking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days.

Lavendeleis in der Provence in Frankreich

Hazelnut ice cream in Piedmont

Piedmont is not only a delight for the eyes in terms of landscape – the region also offers incomparable delicacies and specialties that can only be enjoyed here. Experience this unmistakable pleasure including truffles, cheese and wine along your entire hiking route from Alba to Treiso, Cravanzana, Bossolasco, Serralunga d'Alba, on to Barolo and finally back to Alba on our hiking holiday Piedmont, 8 days. The specialities with regional hazelnuts are particularly delicious. So it is no wonder that famous confectionary manufacturer Ferrero is based in Alba.

  • Our tip: Be sure to try a delicious hazelnut ice cream in one of the ice cream parlours at the Via Vittorio Emanuele in the centre of Alba.
Haselnusseis in der Region Langhe im Piemont

Lemon sorbet in Sicily

The following type of ice cream is not really an ice cream, but rather a fruity thirst quencher for hot days. Lemon granita, also known as Granita di Limone, is a Sicilian specialty and has its origins there for good reason. The region is the warmest and at the same time southernmost of all Italy and here people enjoy a cooling refreshment in the form of a fruity-sweet treat. Two further characteristics of origin refer to the history on the one hand and to local traditions on the other. At that time, Arab seafarers brought refreshing citrus fruits to Italy. At the same time, the basis of sorbet was created with the snow of Mount Etna, the highest mountain in Italy. But enough said, enjoy a deliciously refreshing Granita di Limone on our hiking holiday Sicily & Aeolian islands, 8 days.

Zitronensorbet in Sizilien

Almond ice cream in Mallorca

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca offers a lot of nature, culture and culinary delights. Whether you are taking a leisurely hike in the Mediterranean countryside, strolling through the port city of Palma, enjoying the sun in one of the turquoise-blue bays or a regional dinner in one of the traditional fincas – a break in Mallorca is sure to impress. But that’s not all. The sunny Balearic island is also home to wonderful almonds and the almond blossom season from January to March is an exceptionally beautiful natural spectacle. You can enjoy exactly these almonds in a particularly sweet version – the Mallorcan almond ice cream, also known as helado de almendra, is a real speciality on the island. Can you imagine that this delicious ice cream is based on an ancient tradition? Many centuries ago, the snow was brought out of the Tramuntana Mountains to prepare the sweet almond ice cream. Enjoy this traditional ice cream on your hiking holiday in Mallorca, such as the hiking tour Mallorca Finca-Walking with Charm, 7 days, the mountain hiking holiday Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana, 8 days or the wonderful mountain hiking tour Mallorca's Highlights with Charm, 8 days.

Mandeleis auf Mallorca

Did you gather enough Gusto? Choose your preferred flavour of ice cream and book your individual hiking holiday with luggage transfer. This is how wonderful an active holiday with Eurohike can be!

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