Hiking holiday in the Altmuehltal

Making a break with excellent view at the river Altmühl

Wild-romantic days on a hiking holiday

Since 2012 the Altmühltal-valley was crowned ‚Germany’s most beautiful hiking route’. The Eurohike-team has personally checked it out and can only confirm this accolade. The nature park Altmühltal-valley is by itself already a little miracle of nature. A microcosm of flora and fauna situated between the towns of Gunzenhausen and Regensburg. Take your time during your hiking tour in the Altmühltal-valley and take a very close look. You will be fascinated by the plants and animals. Meanwhile you do not have to worry about your luggage since Eurohike takes care of that too. Hence all is set for an unencumbered holiday.  

Beautiful hiking trails for the whole family in the Altmühl valley

Delightful scenery: hiking in the Altmühltal-valley

The area around the Altmühltal-valley is characterised by its very specific features. Dolomite-rocks protrude from the ground and line the hiking routes, impressing passing hikers. Juniper heaths fill the air with their aromatic fragrance and soft river valleys alternate with densely wooded areas. During your hiking tour in the Altmühltal-valley you get to know these scenic facets first hand. The topography of the region is perfectly suited for leisurely but extensive hiking tours.  

Panoramic view of an old town at the Naturpark Altmühltal

Walking tours with cultural diversity

If you do not want to forgo cultural highlights during your hiking tour, then the Altmühltal-valley is the right place for that. You nearly feel as if you are on a journey into the past due to the palaces and treasures which are a testimony to days long gone by. Castles, monasteries and churches were restored in painstaking detail and are now shining in new splendour. Without having lost their venerable charme in the process they still tell their stories to this day. Why not take a break from your hiking tour and visit these historic places.

On a culinary note the Altmühltal-valley is very diverse. Effectively you could eat a different regional specialtity every day. What about freshly caught rainbow trout for you? Or tender lamb reared in the Altmühltal-valley? If you have a sweet tooth you are going to get your money’s worth all year round. Pastries such as ’Schmalzgebäck’ or a tiny elderflower-cake ‚Hollunderküchle’ are only a few on the long list of sweet local treats.

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