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The dreamlike Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path

Impressions of my first "employee on tour" trip

After I started working for Eurofun Touristik in May and got to know the (virtual) extensive offer, one thing was clear to me: I absolutely had to experience it for myself! So my first "employee on tour" trip followed in August. It should go high in the mountains, be a bit more challenging in terms of sport and be a hiking trail close to home. There are several individual hiking tours in Austria on offer - I was spoilt for choice! In the end, I decided for the hiking tour Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path in the Salzkammergut and shortened it a little. What I experienced on my trekking tour between lush green alpine meadows and rocky peaks from Ramsau to Hallstatt, you can now read in this blog post.

A perfect start

In our first accommodation, the Ennstalerhof in Ramsau, we are greeted and welcomed very warmly. After a nice chat about the hoteliers' good experiences with Eurohike and a few funny stories, we are accompanied to our room. Our absolute highlight: the view of the Dachstein massif from the balcony. It makes us look forward even more to being able to start hiking soon. After a hearty breakfast at the buffet, we set off the next morning perfectly equipped (also for the overnight stay in the hut) with the hiking bus to the starting point - the Glöslalm.

From Ramsau to directly underneath the Bischofsmütze.

We start at the Glöslalm and are surprised by a unique panorama after only a ten-minute walk. The rock formations lie directly in front of us and are just waiting to be hiked. On pleasant paths through forest and meadow, we head towards Bachlalm. To the left and right we encounter a few grazing cows and soon we have reached the Sulzenschneid summit. The view of the peaks of the Dachstein Mountains accompanies us from the starting point and from Sulzenschneid onwards we enjoy an even more beautiful far-reaching view - we see our destination, the Bischofsmützen, for the first time.

Do you know this feeling? When you think that was the most beautiful moment and the most beautiful photo, but then it gets better and better? That's exactly how it feels on this stage on the High Altitude Circular Path.

Below the rock faces we hike along the Linzer Weg to the Hofpürglhütte. The impressive view quickly makes us forget all our efforts. We've made it: We've arrived at the terrace of the hut and treat ourselves to some refreshments. We have earned it. After a last look from the hut room directly at the large Bischofsmütze, we fall into our sleeping bags.

Under the rugged rocks of the Gosau ridge

Early in the morning I sit down in front of the hut and experience the most beautiful sunrise I can remember. Pure goose bumps! The shady mountain range of rocky peaks in the distance, the golden Bischofsmütze directly in front of me and a few cowbells in the distance. This is a great way to start the day. Today we hike around the unique Gosaukamm. The paths are a bit more adventurous and require surefootedness. We stop at the Stuhlalm for a fortifying beef broth with ‘Frittaten’ (thin strips of pancake) and ‘Kaspressknödel’ (cheese dumplings) - highly recommended. From here you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Tennengebirge.

On our way we encounter cows, sheep, chamois, horses and even a marmot. We approach the Donnerkogel via a rooted forest path. With a view of the imposing peak, we continue to the Gablonzerhütte, where we indulge in culinary delights for a second time. After the rest, we take the train down to the stage destination, the Gosausee. A great reward after such a hot day! The lake is the perfect temperature for a quick cool down before we board the bus towards the hotel. Unfortunately, a heavy storm rages that evening. My friend and I start thinking about alternative routes for the next day.

The east shore hiking trail at Lake Hallstatt

At the again very varied breakfast buffet we go through all the possibilities again in our detailed travel documents. Due to the bad weather warning, we decide to take a "safe" route, which brings enough hiking luck even in bad weather: the East Shore Hiking Trail at Lake Hallstatt. We take the bus to Bad Goisern and start our hike from there directly at the mystical lake. Along the eastern shore you will find many cosy spots to rest directly on the lake so this hike is ideal for families. We reach the boat station via a suspension bridge. We cross the lake to the World Heritage town of Hallstatt. There we enjoy a schnitzel and watch the swans swimming. A pleasant day of hiking comes to an end.

Up to the world heritage view

On the last day of our hiking tour with luggage transfer we walk up the Salzberg to the famous World Heritage View. We start the hike at the valley station of the Salzberg cable car. After each bend, the view over the lake and the mountains becomes even more beautiful. This short and crisp hike also has a lot to offer in terms of history. The history of Hallstatt and the salt is explained on various information boards along the way. A waterfall also crosses our path, or to be more precise, it is the Mühlbachschlucht, which you can walk through here. Once we reach the top, we enjoy the last moments of our hiking trip. A breathtaking view even when the weather is not so nice. We take the mountain railway down and then unfortunately return home. We will be back!


Basically, you will find all tips and relevant information in your travel documents. Here are my most important tips for the first stages of the hike:

  • Pack enough provisions and water.
  • For the overnight stay at the Hofpürglhütte: In high summer a normal sleeping bag is sufficient, don't forget slippers.
  • Don't forget your swimming costume for the Gosausee.

If you have any questions, the Eurohike team will be happy to help you!

My conclusion

I only hiked part of the Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path, but even this "short" section impresses with countless wow moments full of hiking pleasure. This tour promises one thing above all: an indescribably beautiful feeling, far away from large crowds of tourists and in the midst of the natural mountain world of the Dachstein region. I will definitely come back and hike the trail to the end!

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