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The Eurohike hiking trends 2024

These are the top travel trends and hiking tours for the new year
Hiking holidays with Charm on Mallorca

At last, the time has come again – the new hiking year is on the horizon, and our upcoming hiking tours and travel trends for 2024 guarantee particularly diverse and active adventures in the coming year. Have you always dreamed of experiencing a pilgrimage hiking tour, finding peace and tranquility step by step, disconnecting, and reorganizing your thoughts? Then we have the perfect tours for you – spanning across Europe. Alternatively, would you like to escape the warm temperatures this summer and explore the most beautiful travel destinations in northern europe? Easily achievable with our coastal hiking holidays and tours in Northern Europe.

Our travel recommendation for 2024: Hiking, enjoying, and relaxing can be particularly well experienced on our hiking tours with charm. During the day, you'll explore the most beautiful hiking routes in your desired destination, and in the evening, carefully selected accommodations with special comfort extras await you.

Whichever hiking trend you choose in 2024, you are guaranteed the customary Eurohike Hiking Plus on all of our tours! We look forward to a wonderful year of active travel!

Hiking holidays with Charm on Mallorca

Active exercise and soothing tranquility on a pilgrimage

Embark on a journey to release your thoughts as you walk at a steady pace, reconnecting with yourself. Allow your surroundings to unfold only as much as your feet can carry you. This encapsulates the fundamental essence of pilgrimage. A hiking tour provides a wonderful opportunity to liberate your mind, turning this time into a wellspring of inspiration. We've curated routes for contemporary pilgrimage hiking, traversing particularly enchanting sections of the The Way of St. James. Yet, beyond the Camino, a multitude of pilgrimage routes beckon exploration across Europe. For instance, the Bavarian Way of St. James from Munich to Füssen, the enduring classic, the Camino Francés, or the Portuguese Way of St. James from Valenca to Santiago de Compostela. Regardless of the path you choose, these scenic routes promise delightful moments of tranquility – a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the journey.

Signpost on the Way of St. James

Discover northern Europe by foot

Can one go hiking in the summer despite warm temperatures? Definitely, especially in the more northern regions. Particularly when summer takes hold in the southern latitudes, it's the perfect time for a hiking holiday in the north. During this time of year, the north experiences wonderfully pleasant temperatures, perfect for escaping the heat in Central Europe and enjoying a refreshing break in nature. Here are our hiking travel trends for 2024:

  • Cool hiking temperatures await you in the summer, for example, in the Jotunheimen National Park in Norway, a unique natural paradise with idyllic hiking trails and breathtaking summit experiences.
  • Experience picture-postcard hiking along Cornwall's coastal path in Great Britain.
  • On the Österlenleden in the south of Sweden, you can expect wonderful moments of serenity and tranquility, especially in summer, in keeping with the Nordic concept of 'hygge'.
  • Enjoy the summer to the fullest on Ireland's Western Way. With average daytime temperatures of 18 degrees, you can experience the blooming nature, diverse wildlife, numerous cultural events, and the picturesque hiking routes in an even more relaxed manner.
View of the famous Cape Cornwall

Hiking holidays with charm

Last year, hiking with charm emerged as an absolute trend in our hiking categories. For many hiking enthusiasts, the importance of comfort in accommodation, with special wellness facilities for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as charming hotels with regionally inspired restaurants and excellent cuisine, takes top priority. Creating a harmonious balance between scenic hiking stages through serene nature and conscious relaxation in the hotel is essential for the perfect getaway. Our hiking tours with charm provide the conditions for this special extra comfort. All accommodations are chosen with great care, offering a cozy atmosphere and personalized service.

For example, on our hiking tour around the Zugspitze with charm, a fabulous tour around Germany's highest mountain, or on our hiking tour Lake Wolfgangsee – based in one hotel with charm, a picturesque break in the Salzkammergut region. If you want to make the journey a little more challenging and have always dreamed of crossing the Alps by foot, the tour Crossing of the Alps E5: Oberstdorf – Merano with Charm is just the thing for you. And in the south too, gorgeous, enchanting accommodation and gourmet hostels await, such as on our hiking holiday Majorca‘s West Coast with Charm. Wherever your charm journey takes you this hiking year, you can be sure of enjoyment and comfort in your accommodation!

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