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Cross-border hiking

Tips and tricks for cross-counrty routes
Hiker enjoys the fantastic view of Leutasch

From Munich to Lake Garda or even to the lagoon city of Venice? Hiking across national borders is not only a challenge, but also involves meticulous planning. Covering larger stages on foot is always an adventure. The more kilometres your calves have covered, the more experienced your feet become. As you put one foot in front of the other you enjoy the numerous highlights along the Eurohike hiking routes. Whether that’s sipping tea before sunrise on the Alpine ridge or enjoying the heavenly view of the passes and mountain ranges in the neighbouring country: crossing borders is always a pleasure.

Hiker enjoys the fantastic view of Leutasch

Hiking across national borders

The Eurohike team has put together four hikes for you. You can either choose a single route or connect tours together. Whatever you like!

Click here for more information on hiking over the main Alpine ridges.

But wait! Before going on a long hike through different countries, there are a few things to consider!

You shouldn’t forget this when hiking across borders:

  • Passport or identity card: Walking across borders can also mean having to identify yourself. Therefore, always carry your passport or ID card with you! If border control is necessary, just pull out your ID, smile nicely and continue on the route.
  • Hiking rules: In spite of the given hiking route, it can happen from time to time that sign posts differ to what you are used to. The Eurohike team recommends to either inquire at the Eurohike stations or find out in advance about differences and special features.

  • Other countries, different currencies: Okay, if you are travelling within the EU, this tip is often superfluous. But not always, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden still use their own currencies. Likewise, Switzerland and Norway (both non-EU countries). It is best to find out before you travel so that you can change money if necessary.

Eurohike tour tips: hiking across national borders

Hiking over mountains, passes and borders combines three things: freedom, enjoyment and a closeness to the environment. Going along the route, experiencing nature step by step and simply marvelling at the uniqueness of the landscape is the added value when hiking.

The Eurohike hiking-pot pourri is diverse and extensive. Would you like a cross-border experience? How about the following trips:

Over the Bavarian and Salzburg Alps

You will discover two countries and two sections of the Alps while hiking through Germany and Austria. Special highlights are the Königssee and the Torrender Joch with the Jenner Summit.

In the footsteps of the Tyrolean Path

From Garmisch you walk to Innsbruck over eight days. You reach the destination, the state capital of Tyrol, step by step over the Karwendel Mountains and the Halleranger Alm.

Hiking on the Alpe-Adria Border Triangle Tour

From the rugged rocky mountain landscape of Austria to the gentle alpine pastures, you go from glacier to roaring rivers to turquoise lakes. On the Alpe-Adria Border Triangle Tour you hike along the Alpe Adria Trail.

Hiking in Istria

Straight to the Mediterranean please! With the Eurohike hiking trip to Istria you hike in this sunny peninsula for eight days. There are numerous cultural stops on the old railway lines from Trieste to Muggia.

Can’t wait to try cross-border hiking? Understandable! Book your tour now!

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