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Basic information about Valais

With a total of 13 districts, Valais is the third largest canton in Switzerland and belongs to ‘German-speaking Switzerland’, with French being spoken in the west of the region and German or ‘Valais German’ in the east. It is particularly easy to breathe a sigh of relief here, as the two mountain ranges of the Valais Alps to the south and the Bernese Alps to the north absorb most of the precipitation. The mild climate promises dry summers, cold winters and particularly clear air – perfect for a healthy hiking holiday with Eurohike. The landscape of Valais is diverse. Grapevines meet cacti, alpine lakes meet impressive mountain ranges and mountain streams meet idyllic valleys. Relax as you hike in Valais: in this region you can not only de-stress, but this Swiss canton with more than 8,000 kilometres of signposted hiking trails is also a real paradise for a hiking holiday without luggage.

The most popular hiking holidays in Valais

Aletsch Panorama Trail

Our Eurohike hiking tour Aletsch Panorama Trail is an absolute classic among hiking holidays. This seven-day tour combines the best of two popular hiking routes. As the first highlight of the tour, you march on the Lötschberg South Ramp and experience fantastic views. It continues to Belalp and finally to the Aletschbord. From here you have an impressive view of the glacier gate and the lower part of the Aletsch Glacier, the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage. Unforgettable highlights await you on the further daily stages from Riederalp – Fischeralp and on to Bellwald, before the hiking holiday comes to an end with an overnight stay in the tranquil mountain village of Bellwald.

Facts and details about hiking in Valais

Facts and details

  • Location: In the southwest of Switzerland
  • Glacier: The three largest glaciers in the Alps are located in the Valais – the Aletsch glacier, the Gorner glacier and the Valais Fiescher glacier
  • Mountains: The highest mountain in Switzerland is in Valais – the Dufourspitze at 4,634 metres
  • Special feature: Valais lies entirely in the Alpine region
  • Time to travel: The best hiking time is from June to October
  • Climate: Dry, warm, sunny with little rainfall – this is the best way to describe the Valais climate
  • Culinary: Particularly noteworthy is the regional cuisine, which has developed independently into classic Swiss cuisine. The culinary treasures of the region are the Valais rye bread, dried meat and saffron, whereby these products are registered and thus represent a protected trademark. The mild climate can also be tasted in the regional products such as the fine wines, the wonderful fruit and delicious spices.

Tour character

Our Eurohike hiking tour on the Aletsch Panorama Trail offers a real hiking experience with luggage transfer in the middle of the south side of the Alps. The daily stages are scheduled to last around four to seven hours and the tours require a good basic level of fitness as well as surefootedness due to the alpine conditions.

  • A particularly adrenaline-filled highlight on your hiking tour in Switzerland awaits you on the last stage: crossing the ‘Aspi-Titter’ suspension bridge in the Massa Gorge – a head for heights is required here.

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Valais

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Since our hiking tour in Valais leads mainly through alpine terrain, the travel period is from July to September.

An experience in Valais is a multi-day hiking tour along the Lötschberg South Ramp and the Aletsch Panorama Trail. Crossing the 160 meter long "Aspi-Titter" suspension bridge over the Massa Gorge is particularly spectacular.

We offer the following individual hiking tours in Valais:

On our hiking tour Aletsch Panorama Trail & Lötschberg South Ramp you will experience the UNESCO World Heritage region "Jungfrau-Aletsch" up close. The hiking country Switzerland is home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When hiking in Valais, many unforgettable highlights await you, such as the largest glacier in the Alps – the Aletsch Glacier, 23 kilometers long and covering an area of ​​80 square kilometers. The "Aspi-Titter" suspension bridge at the foot of the Fiescher Glacier is both spectacular and exciting. The 160 meter long bridge guarantees pure adrenaline!

Other highlights are the spectacular mountain panoramas that accompany you throughout your hiking holiday. Whether you are on the high-altitude trails, taking a short break with a view of Brägji or Riedgarten, on the Aletschbord, hiking to Märjelensee or in the Goms mountain village of Bellwald – you will keep these views in good memory for a long time.

Sabrina Huber

We at Eurohike ensure all-round successful hiking holidays in Valais – and with us you hike without luggage!

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