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Travel report: My hiking break on the Rhine Trail

In 9 stages from Mainz to Coblenz

For three years now I have been responsible for the beautiful hiking holiday on the Rheinsteig Trail and now I can finally hike the tour myself and get to know it personally. I am really looking forward to finally meeting all my colleagues from the local hotels in person, with whom I have already been in email contact and often spoken on the phone.

Naturally, we want to do the complete tour over 11 days and 9 hiking stages – what can I say – it is very challenging, but we manage it and are quite proud that we walked almost 170km in 9 days.

Together en route along the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany

I take my uncle, who loves hiking, with me on the fantastic tour with luggage transfer on the Rheinsteig Trail. We have already done a few hikes together in the Salzkammergut and in the Berchtesgadener Land, we have also been on the go together in the alpine area and have mastered challenging tours as a team. But we have never been together for that long. Looking back on our adventure together, I cannot imagine a better hiking companion, because despite the daily efforts, we had a lot of fun!

Varied routes, delightful Day Finishes & breathtaking views

The long-distance hiking trail ‘Rheinsteig’ covers a total of 320km and runs from Wiesbaden to Bonn. We choose the most beautiful stages from Mainz to Coblenz. In the beginning we hike again and again on wider forest paths through lonely forests and on beautiful country lanes. We only meet a few people on the first few stages and we enjoy the peace and quiet. Then we are more and more on the winegrowers’ path through the vineyards, the scenery changes and so does the hiking trail. In Rüdesheim we marvel at the huge Niederwald monument and the ascent is worth it because the view is magnificent!

Shortly afterwards we treat ourselves to a little shortcut via the chairlift, my legs are already hurting a bit and we want to do the next stages well. Around the Day Finishes of Dörscheid, St. Goarshausen and Kamp-Bornhofen there are always narrow, stony hiking trails, some of which are quite steep and with a magnificent view of the river Rhine. Personally, I like these stages best – a perfect change from leisurely forest paths, stony paths and every now and then even a rope to hold on to. In addition, of course, always the glistening river Rhine.

Our highlights of the 11-day hiking holiday on the Rheinsteig Trail

In addition to the impressive castles and palaces that you encounter again and again during this active break in Germany, our clear highlight of the trip is the ‘Spitznack’ viewpoint on the queen’s stage between Dörscheid/Kaub and St. Goarshausen. You will be rewarded for the few extra metres with a unique view of the Rhine. Nevertheless, you should be careful here, because it is quite steep. We linger for a moment and set off later to discover the next highlight – the Loreley.

Pleasure and culinary delights on the Rheinsteig Trail

For us the evening in the small Day Finish of Lorch was also very special. We arrive here just in time for gourmet week and there is a lot going on in this little town. We are allowed to take part in a very fun and nice wine tasting experience and enjoy the Spundekäs-cheese. Then we end the evening with a (very small) walk through the village.

The traditional food here is as good as it is beautiful on the Rhine. We try our way through the various Flammkuchen-bakes, that are very popular in this region. We also try the delicious ‘Handkäs’-cheese ‘with music’, which is a soured milk cheese served with onions. Of course, asparagus should not be missing during the asparagus season. Most hosts attach great importance to regionality and yes, it does taste even better then. You can simply enjoy the wonderful food together with a glass of Riesling from the neighboring winemaker!

Our conclusion – the Rheinsteig Trail is worth it!

Not only the stunning views of the river Rhine, but also the unique nature, the loving and funny people and above all the delicious food speak for a hiking holiday on the Rhine! We enjoyed the time to the fullest, were able to completely switch off from everyday life and are already looking forward to our next hiking holiday together.

Julia Winklhofer

Bei Fragen zum Wandern am Rheinsteig bin ich gerne für Sie da!

Julia Winklhofer
Team Leader of Eurohike Travel Specialists
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