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Eurohike backpack between vines on the Calmont Steig on the Moselle

Moselsteig Trail with Charm

The most beautiful river bends between Eifel and Hunsrück.

New tour
8 Days / 7 Nights
Mountain Hiking
Eurohike backpack between vines on the Calmont Steig on the Moselle

High-altitude paths with fabulous views onto the Mosel-river bends, vineyards, wooded mountain chains, countless castles and the best panorama-viewpoints above the water: your hiking week between Trier an Coblenz is packed full with highlights. You discover idyllic little villages featuring half-timber houses, hike through unique evergreen boxtree forests, ascend rocky steep paths and cross Europe’s steepest vineyards. Impressive places for a rest and viewpoint pavilions await with stupendous views reaching far into the distance, and quaint wine bars invite you to enjoy the marvelous Mosel wine. With Trier, Germany’s oldest town, the popular Eltz castle, as well as the historic Roman high-altitude settlements and temple complex in the mix, you are sure to not miss out on the cultural delights. Look forward to fantastic hiking tours between the mountain ranges of the river Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Mosel river valley!

Eight days, six hiking stages and endless active adventures while hiking along the Moselsteig Trail. Experience the popular hiking path in Central Germany at first hand. It is not for nothing that this picturesque route is one of Germany's award-winning quality hiking trails. Between Trier, Traben-Trarbach, Cochem, Löf and Koblenz, you'll always be marching along well-maintained forest-, wine-growing and panoramic-paths that guarantee fantastic views.

  • Fantastic viewpoints: The panoramic views from the mountain ranges, vineyards and also from many a castle ruin, such as the Franzosensteig of Grevenstein Castle, will amaze you!
  • Vineyards & traditional winegrowers' taverns: The vines grow on more than 8,600 hectares in Germany's oldest winegrowing region and are cultivated by more than 2,800 winegrowers. The efforts are worth it, because the wines are excellent!
  • Tranquil villages with half-timbered houses: The local architecture is not only beautiful, but also highly interesting. Traben-Trarbach, for example, was once the second largest wine trading town. The prosperity that developed as a result gave rise to magnificent Art Nouveau buildings.
  • Imposing castles, fortresses and palaces: Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel would certainly enjoy Eltz Castle.
  • Unique boxwood forest: Let yourself be calmed by this special natural spectacle. Wildly growing boxwood is very rare in our climes, but the mild, sunny climate along the Moselle makes it possible.

Our hiking tour on the Moselsteig Trail with Charm is assigned to our level of hiking 'Mountain Hiking'. With a solid stamina and surefootedness, this tour will be a wonderful experience in the nature of Germany. In addition, even more comfort awaits you in the selected hotels and accommodation with Charm, such as the smart boutique hotel Villa Vie Cochem, the Villa Hügel in Trier with year-round wellness facilities or the modern Fährhaus in Koblenz. What a wonderful opportunity to unwind.

Itinerary at a glance

Fantastic vantage points, imposing castles, tranquil villages with half-timbered houses and a glass or two of wine from the more than 2800 winegrowers make a hike on the Moselsteig a very special experience.

Trier, Germany’s oldest city, entices you with numerous historic sights. We highly recommend you visit the famous ‚Porta Nigra‘, Roman excavations and the opulent St. Peter’s Cathedral. A stroll through the bustling historic centre is the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming hiking week.

To start off your holiday you cross the river Mosel and ascend to the colorful sandstone rock located at the Trierer Stadtwald-forest. Along a marvelous high-altitude path with views into the depth onto the river Mosel and views into the distance all the way onto the Hunsrück-mountain range you proceed to Biewer and the Eifel-foothills. You hike through extensive forests and plateaus all the way to the ‚Ehranger Kanzel‘ and downhill to the river Kyll, onwards through the Eifel-forests onwards to Schweich. By train you reach the the art nouveau town of Traben-Trabach, directly on the Moselle.

You reach the start of the tour via the legendary Mosel wine railway and cross Germany’s longest hanging viaduct in the art-deco town Traben-Trabach. You ascend on steep terrain to Grevenstein castle and proceed on the ‚Franzosensteig‘-trail via spiral staircases and via ferratas straight through the ruins. Spectacular too is the view into the depth down to the river. An alpine hiking section along the ridge Kirster Grat leads you accompanied with great views to Enkirch, where we highly recommend you visit the historic half-timber houses. Onwards through wine growing areas and the vineyards you proceed to Bullay, where a wine tasting of the best Mosel wines awaits.

Beautiful paths lead you high above the river up Mount Petersberg, where the summit cross offers stupendous views down onto the Mosel river bend. After the descent and the river crossing near Neef you ascend Mount Calmont on the other side. You hike up Europe‘s steepest vineyard, where grapes are grown on an incline of up to 55 degrees. You proceed via a Roman high-altitude settlement with a view onto the rock spire ‚Eller Todesangst‘ past the ‚Galgenlay-Pavillon‘ and reach Cochem by train.

On foot or by chairlift to the Pinnerkreuz, a magnificent rocky pulpit above Cochem. On forest paths high above the river, the trail leads to the legendary "Wingerts Budche" rest hut. The Dortebach Valley nature reserve, the Pomeranian Forest and the trail through the Schilzergraben promise pleasantly shady freshness. Through green vineyards you reach the Martberg, where an excellently restored Roman temple complex invites you to visit. Narrow paths wind through dense forest down to the valley and the finish in Treis-Karden. Then take the train back to Cochem.

By train to Treis-Karden, where the impressive boxwood trail with evergreen forests and steep rocky steps welcomes you.... From Müden, hike along historic pilgrimage paths into the highlands to the legendary Eltz Castle. After a stop in the beer garden, hike up to the Maifeld and along the steep edge over small climbing passages to Hatzenport. If you still have strength, climb the Rabenlay over slate rocks.

Today you will cross the Moselle twice. From Alken to the remarkable Spornburg Thurant and over rocky paths down to the more than 1000-year-old Michaelskapelle, one of the oldest churches on the Moselle. Then through the vines to the pilgrimage church on Bleidenberg. The best views as far as the Volcanic Eifel accompany you along the magnificent high-level trail to Oberfell. Across a sunny plateau to the panoramic cliff of the Hitzlay - enjoy the view before hiking down to Niederfell and reaching Kobern-Gondorf via the Moselle Gold Bridge. From there, take the train to Koblenz.

Departure or extra days

Route information

Mountain Hiking

You mainly walk on well-maintained hiking paths and trails, on graveled vineyard paths and remote forest paths. The panoramic paths featuring great views lead you in parts across steep terrain and rocks, here surefootedness is a prerequisite. The ascents and descents of the mountain ranges of the Mosel river valley are mastered easily with a good basic fitness level. Daily tours can easily and comfortably be cut short by train any time.

Prices & Dates

You spend the night in specially selected hotels with special "extras" and can enjoy all the facilities of the charming accommodations (see "Accommodation").

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • 1 Wine tasting Moselle wines (German, English)

  • Carefully elaborated route description
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English, French)
  • App for Navigation and GPS-data
  • Service hotline

Arrival / Parking / Departure:

  • Arrival by train in Trier or Bullay and only a few minutes walk or by taxi to the hotel.
  • Frankfurt/Main airport.
  • Parking: limited number of free hotel parking spaces, no reservation possible.
  • Return journey by train from Coblenz to Trier, duration approx. 1.5 hours.

Things to note:

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price
  • Fares for public transport: Schweich – Traben-Trarbach, Bullay – Traben-Trarbach, Traben-Trarbach – Bullay, Ediger Eller – Cochem, Treis-Karden – Cochem, Cochem – Treis-Karten, Kobern Gondorf – Koblenz, approx. EUR 55 per person
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!

Join us in achieving greater sustainability by choosing our digital route book, rather than the printed version. As a small thank you we will give you a discount of €20 per room.


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