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The Moselsteig Trail - a long-distance hiking trail to enjoy

Christina's travelogue for the hiking tour "Best of Moselsteig Trail”

The Moselle rises in the French Vosges and flows through Luxembourg, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. The Moselsteig Trail follows its course from the German border in Perl to Koblenz, where it flows into the Rhine at the Deutsches Eck. In between, the Moselle makes more than 15 loops and winds its way between the Eifel and Hunsrück over some 230 kilometres. Its slopes offer the ideal soil for excellent wines and of course one thing - the best hiking paths for active enjoyment! Join me now on the wonderful hiking tour Best of Moselsteig Trail, 10 days.

The most beautiful hiking routes on the Moselsteig

To put together a "Best Of" hiking trip, you first have to find out which are the "best" routes, i.e. the most beautiful from a hiking point of view, and which offer real added value for all hikers. For me, that means hiking and exploring a lot! And since that's my favourite activity anyway, I'm going to get started right away. I already know the first part of the Moselsteig (from the start near Luxembourg to Trier), because it is a popular hiking classic with Eurohike. But now I'm curious to see how I like the rest of the trail...

Start of the Moselsteig in Trier

I start in Trier, right by the world-famous Porta Nigra, one of the many UNESCO cultural sites in Germany's oldest city. The first stage leads a little way into the Eifel, where it shares the path with the long-distance Eifelsteig hiking trail. A high trail along the edge of the slope high above the river and through dense forests leads me to Schweich. Now I shorten a few stages and look forward to a ride on the Moselle railway. I'm quickly in Bullay, a small Moselle village with a few cosy winegrowers' taverns, a lovely riverside promenade, a tiny village centre with a fantastic bakery and the statue for the "Brautrock wine", as the grapes of the noble drop are called here. Perfect to relax! You don’t need to go far here, because everything is centrally located at Lindenplatz. After a long first day of hiking and a good sip of grape juice, I fall asleep contentedly. In Bullay it is also really peaceful at night, because the road along the banks of the Moselle runs along the other side of the river.

And because it's so cosy in Bullay and I like to spare myself the trouble of packing my suitcase, I do a rpund trip the next day. So I get to spend another night in Bullay. The hiking day is all the more impressive and eventful for it! In the morning, I take the Moselweinbahn, a branch line that runs through one of the narrowest Mosel loops, through tunnels and over viaducts to the Art Nouveau town of Traben Trarbach, to the start of the hike. A spectacular climb through a ruined fortress leads me to the Kirster Grat, an alpine-like high trail, and on via high trails and vineyards to Reil. The Prinzenkopf tower offers fantastic views over the narrow ridge of land between the river bends, which is only a few hundred metres wide here! There you have the feeling of being completely surrounded by the river. A wonderful impression! Over the double-decker bridge (train above, car/pedestrian below) I reach Bullay again. And then the leisurely part of the day awaits: a wine tasting of the best Moselle wines. Simply wonderful!

Varied hiking experience on the Moselsteig

The route continues over the Petersberg and the Calmont, Europe's steepest vineyard with slopes of over 65 degrees. It's amazing what the winegrowers achieve here! And it gets really hot on the sunny slopes. Sometimes rocky steep climbs delight my hiking heart before a 5-minute train ride (exclusively through a tunnel!) takes me to Cochem, the tourist heart of the region. Here, life is bustling again in the old town. The Reichsburg castle towers impressively above the town and opposite, the white Madonna beckons from her spot on the Brauselay, a black craggy cliff high above the river. The following day, I enjoy the panoramic tour on the ship and see the country from the water!

Downstream, my path leads me along wonderful paths, through forests, fields and mountain ranges. Again and again, impressive lookout points, pavilions and huts invite you to take a break. I was particularly impressed by the huge temple on the Martberg above the next stop at Treis Karden. Then comes another highlight: the onward path through the boxwood forest. A Mediterranean evergreen forest welcomes me with exotic fragrance and dense foliage, truly enchanting! And fabulously, I continue on to Eltz Castle, whose imposing structure appears in the middle of the woods. I can't get out of my amazement! The stage ends with a little climbing on the Hatzenport via ferrata (which could of course be omitted), but getting over a few rocks by means of ladders and stepping sticks is really fun!

End of the hiking trip on the Moselsteig in Koblenz

Next I switch sides of the Moselle to see Thurant Castle, the medieval Michaelskapelle with its ossuary and the pilgrimage church of Bleidenberg. From here I can even see as far as the cone-shaped peaks of the Volcanic Eifel Mountains. I cross the Moselle Gold Bridge to reach the last stop, Kobern Gondorf. After spending the night at the Tatzelwurm, I climb up to the imposing castle, the ruins of which I can visit freely. I vividly imagine how the knights lived here back then. I continue to climb over black basalt rocks and finally enjoy the wonderful hiking through forest, fields and endless vineyards high above the Moselle River.

Every day has its special features and natural beauty. And a new surprise awaits around every bend. It is probably the overall package and the incredible variety that makes this hiking tour Best of Moselsteig Trail, 10 days so special. Everyone is sure to find their own personal highlights!

I sincerely wish all hikers eventful and enjoyable hiking days on the Moselle!

My conclusion

It was beautiful, wonderful and impressive, a little more demanding in places, but guaranteed to be a worthwhile experience! I sit down on the bank and have to think about what my personal highlights of this wonderful hiking trip were. The narrow high-altitude paths that wind along the edge of the slope directly above the water and offer the best views. I was also particularly impressed by the idyllic plateaus at Maienfeld, as well as the rope-secured rock passages, the dense boxwood forests, the charming wine villages, the cosy rest spots, the varied overnight stops, the warm-hearted winegrowers and delicious grapes.

Every day has its special features and natural beauty. And a new surprise awaits around every bend. It is probably the overall package and the incredible variety that makes this hiking tour so special. Everyone is sure to find their own personal highlights!

I sincerely wish all hikers eventful and enjoyable hiking days on the Moselle!

Julia Winklhofer

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