Hiking in summer: things to note

The most valuable tips for hiking in the heat

30 degrees in the shade, the sun shines with full force, and the beads of sweat run from your forehead. That’s the height of summer! The swimming pools are overcrowded and the lakes overrun. Why not take refuge in the higher elevations, where the temperatures are more pleasant and perhaps a cool breeze blows?

Good idea! However, there is a lot to consider when hiking in summer. Because it often happens quicker than you think, that before you know it you have sunstroke and are as red as a tomato.

Find out all you need to know below!

Breathable clothing for hot days

Building up a sweat is generally a good thing. Sports clothing is the perfect choice when hiking. Cotton shorts and synthetic clothing have no place in the mountains in summer. The best is breathable clothing, which repels the sweat and dries as quickly as possible. Because at the summit the temperatures can drop quickly, or there could be wind!

So be sure to pack a change of clothes, and stick a spare vest in your backpack. In addition, you should not forget headgear. Whether a cap, hat or hair band, no matter which you prefer, the main thing is that your head is protected from the sun!

Tip: Although temperatures climb above the 30 degree mark, you should not give up sturdy footwear. A good footing on uneven roads is important even in summer!

Sun protection for the eyes

In addition to a bottle of sunscreen and headgear, sun protection for the eyes is enormously important. The higher you go, the more intense the UV radiation. The result: strong UV rays can damage the retina. Sufficient filter protection is essential. Make sure your sunglasses offer a category 3 UV filter!

This filters out between 80 and 90 per cent of all rays so offers good protection for the eyes!

Choose your hiking tour wisely

This means: you can do extreme tours when the weather is a little cooler. In heat, summer-friendly tours are enough. In addition, you should make sure the paths are partly in the shade, or through forests. Then, at least for a short time, you can avoid the blazing sun and cool down a little!

The weather in high summer is not to be underestimated. Even on days when it is very warm and there’s not a cloud in sight, the risk of a thunderstorm is often very high. It’s best to check the weather conditions before the hike and prepare for a thunderstorm.

Here you will find our tips on how to read the mountain weather correctly.

And one time-tested tip: Don’t forget to drink! The body loses a lot of water while sweating. Therefore: drink, drink, drink!

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