Mountain Safety! This way you read the weather in the mountains correctly

Mountain with a ‘hat’ – means the weather is going to be great! 

Are you planning a hiking tour in the mountains? Then we strongly recommend you check the weather forecast. Since the biggest danger in the mountains are thunderstorms and unpredictable cold fronts. In order to prevent hairy situations like these, we will explain to you how to read the weather correctly and how to protect yourself from a thunderstorm when in the mountains.

Recognise the signs of nature

‘If Mount Dachstein wears a ‘hat’, the weather improves. If Mount Dachstein wears a ‘sabel’ the weather gets really bad’. No kidding! These old weather sayings apply to countless local mountains in the Alps. A ‘cloud hat’ hence usually guarantees good, stable weather conditions without rain or thunderstorms. Generally a glance at the sky is not a bad idea – even the tiniest changes can give you an indication of the weather. Anvil clouds building higher and higher in the sky and becoming wider at the tips of it as well as feathery clouds indicate a bad weather front.

Are you carrying an altimeter with you? Then we recommend you check it before you go to bed. If the indication clearly rises in the early morning hours (approx. 30m in altitude), that means air pressure has decreased and this usually indicates a cold front and bad weather. Be warned!

Always informed – check the weather forecast  

The general rule is, inform yourself and never plan your tour without checking the weather forecast beforehand. Weather-apps can help keeping an eye on current weather conditions. The weather-app ‘bergfex’ for instance offers forecasts for the entire Alpine region – from Slovenia via Austria, Germany and Switzerland all the way to Italy.

In addition for South Tyrol we especially recommend the app ‘Wetter Südtirol’. Precise data on the seven districts of South Tyrol including precipitation radar and info on lightning activity make for a save hiking tour.

Weather services in German in the Alps

  • The German Alpine Association (GAA) informs you daily about current weather conditions in the Alps. Simply choose a certain region and look at the short-term or long-term forecast. Daily at 4pm a new weather forecast is issued.
  • Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics also provides its data for the GAA. Reliable info is guaranteed. Here too do you get the latest info regarding weather in the Alps daily at 4pm.
  • Info about the weather in the Swiss mountains is best obtained on the website ‘MeteoSchweiz’. Here you find all necessary data including rain warnings from the Canton of Grisons to the Jura Mountains.


Tip: Many huts and chalets display the current weather forecast. If in doubt please feel free to ask the chalet host.

Thunderstorms on the mountain – now what?

Should you still get caught in a thunderstorm despite exact tour planning, please note the following points: try and find a fairly open space such as an alpine meadow or field and sit down on an insulated layer (rucksack or climbing rope). Crouch down, pulling in your legs and wait for the thunderstorm to pass! Ideally you want to find a refuge.

Further Tips:

  • Avoid exposed places such as summits and ridges.
  • Are you on a via ferrata? Proceed immediately to the next exit point and step away from the steel rope.
  • Do not shelter under a tree at any rate, since there is the highest risk of a lightning stroke.

There is not ‘bad’ weather, only wrong clothing

Light rain or a startling cold front? – Be prepared and invest in good-quality equipment. Waterproof shoes with a grippy sole is the essential thing. But also a waterproof and breathable rain jacket is a must as part of your hiking equipment. Are you planning a tour in the Alpine mountains? Do not forget to bring warm clothing, a hat, scarf and gloves – even at the height of summer.


Any more questions? We are happy to assist you!

Splendid waymarks along trekking paradise Gosaukamm
Tour character

Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Sitting at 3,000 metres above sea level, the ‘majesty’ rises above the other mountains: the Dachstein. The imposing glacier clad peak separates the Austrian provinces of Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria and is a popular trekking area due to its magnificent beauty. The Dachstein high altitude circuit trails through secluded valleys, alpine meadows and high plateaus that, with their solitude and silence, make the heart beat a little faster.  Details about the hiking holiday in the Dachstein region Mountain hikers will not be disappointed with the Dachstein high altitude circuit. The eight-day trekking tour around the Dachstein offers a fascinating view of the Alps and the Salzkammergut. In addition, it holds true treasures: including the 2,458 metre high ‘Bishop’s Cap’, which owes its name to the characteristic shape of the double summit. Or the Soleweg, which leads along the historic salt pipeline to the Hallstatt salt mine. In the Styrian Dachstein plateau fragrant pine trees line the path to the Stoderzinken. Having arrived at the Brno hut, you will then taste a ‘Zirbenschaps’. Look forward to a demanding hike for mountain enthusiasts around this limestone region. Highlights of the Dachstein high altitude circular path at a glance: Make the most of your mornings: The early bird catches the worm! Experience the impressive dawn close up as it comes into view as the mist clears. Rocky peaks and fascinating views: Hike through several climatic regions! Climbing up the angular, reddish south faces of the Dachstein limestone in pleasant air and experience cool temperatures at the glacier region: both are possible at the Dachstein. Boat trip on Lake Hallstatt: Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt by boat. There, culture meets nature and history. Useful information about the Dachstein high altitude circuit The eight-day hiking tour around the Dachstein starts with your own journey to Ramsau. Over the next few days you will enjoy the morning atmosphere on the Gosaukamm, the far-reaching view of the border triangle, and the delicacies served in the numerous mountain huts. Each day trip offers variety, is approximately 17 kilometres long and takes roughly six hours. Please note: The demanding high-altitude hiking trail offers numerous spectacular views, but it requires sure-footedness and a good physical condition!
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Ruins of Uquhart Castle on the hiking trail
Tour character
Mountain Walking
Great Britain

West Highland Way

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Experience Scotland as you have seen it in the movies, on the West Highland Way. Take in spectacular lochs, imposing mountains, scenic nature reserves and whisky distilleries paired with the contrast of rushing rivers and quaint villages. Stop and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views that play out on the West Highland Way. Details about the hike across the West Highlands On this hiking trip you can expect unique experiences of the Scottish natural landscape. The trail passes through old counties such as Lennox and viewpoints such as Conic Hill. Whisky connoisseurs will fall in love with the fine golden malt produced at the Glengoyne Distillery. Be enchanted by the beautiful landscape of Loch Lomond, Loch Tulla and the Rannoch Moors. At the highest point of the trail, the Devil’s Staircase, you will enjoy an indescribably captivating view. Highlights on the West Highland Way Trossachs National Park: Idyllic like no other location in Scotland. In the national park, the flora and fauna can live undisturbed. Lose yourself in the middle of this stunning landscape. Ben Nevis: See Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, on your way to the charming town of Kinlochleven. Its summit towers 1,345 metres into the sky. Fort William: The path to Fort William is lined with coniferous forests and enchanting moors. On this path you will feel like you are in a fantasy world!   Useful information about the tour of the West Highlands Recover from a day’s hiking in cosy hotels during your seven-night journey. Breakfast service is included. Although the West Highland Way is well known, you will always find lonely trails on this tour. They are, so to speak, alone in the gorgeous natural landscape. However, one thing that should be noted is that the West Highland Way is specifically designed for mountain hikers, so a good fitness level and sure-footedness is a must. The day tours take between five and a half and seven and a half hours. Enjoy the day carefree without luggage – because the Eurohike team will take it to your accommodation. Book your hiking trip in Scotland now!
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Hiking break at the traditional houses of Santana
Tour character
Mountain Walking

Around Madeira

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Cloud forests, dark lava rocks and sunlit banana plantations. Sounds like a different holiday destination? No! The island of Madeira, not far from Lisbon in the Atlantic, offers a colourful variety for botanists, hikers and pleasure seekers. Over eight days you will explore from Porto da Cruz to the capital Funchal. You will walk through the plateau of Paul da Serra, looking for shade in the laurel forests and take a relaxing bath in the black lava rock. Details about the hiking holiday in Madeira Hiking in Maderia calls for packing multipurpose clothing. In the north, surrounded by barren mountains and wet plateaus, it is cool. The sunny south impresses with flowers, eucalyptus trees and diverse cultures. The island with its 235.000 inhabitants leaves plenty of room for romantic and idyllic hikes. One of the most beautiful villages in Madeira is Prazeres. Here you can experience the original life of the islanders. Fancy something extraordinary for the grand finale? Grab a toboggan and start the fast ride down. It starts above the Funchal in Monte. Highlights of the hiking trip in Madeira. Breathtaking coastal views: The impressive north coast over the Boca do Risco saddle runs along an old supply route. Enjoy the view from the spectacular terraces to Porto da Cruz. Exotic floral splendour: Shady laurel trees, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, line your route.   Lava stone swimming pool: The most beautiful places to swim are in Funchal and Porto Moniz. Tip for snorkelers and divers: The Gulf Stream hosts a tropical biodiversity! So do not forget your goggles! Lively capital of Funchal: The city has many sights. The Sé Cathedral and the market hall are definitely worth a visit. Useful information about the hiking holiday in Madeira The round trip in Maderia starts in the small fishing village of Porto da Cruz on the black sandy beach. Make sure you try a ‘poncha’, a drink made of honey, orange juice and sugar cane brandy. The daily routes run on varied hiking trails, which can sometimes be narrow. Surefootedness and a head for heights are required in some parts. You will walk for an average of five hours a day on this botanical paradise. You want to escape a cold winter? No problem? The Eurohike team has a solution: the mountain hiking tour in Madeira is bookable all year round! Do not hesitate and let us advise you on your own personal hiking experience!
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Stunning mountain views from the Knottn cinema of Mölten
Hiking break with view to the Steinernen Mandln of Mölten
Relaxing stroll through the lively alleys of Bolzano
Colourful market in the streets of Bolzano
Enjoyment and culture of Meran unite at the Kurhaus at river Passer
Relaxed hikers along the vineyards to the city of Nals
Old castles and green vineyards on the South Tyrol Wine Trail
Pure hiking joy through the blooming orchards of Southern Tyrol
Panoramic views down to Merano
Hiking without luggage through the vineyards of southern Tyrol
Tour character

South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail

7 Days | Self-guided tour
What more could you want: romantic villages, views of historic castles and palaces and a landscape bordered by flowering vines and fragrant apple trees. The icing on the cake is that you can also enjoy excellent South Tyrolean culinary specialities with fine wines. Stroll through the winding alleyways, and taste the city air on the light-flooded high plateau of Mölten. This is South Tyrol, as you always wanted to experience it. Details of the South Tyrolean wine & alpine trail Begin your hiking trip in the spa town of Merano, where beloved Austrian Empress Sisi fell in love. Before you come to the provincial capital of Bolzano and the fairytale Piazza Walther, visit Lana. The charming market town is also known as the Apple Metropolis. A cable car ride to Jenesien is also part of this tour. From a bird’s eye view you can see the castles, palaces, Lake Caldaro and the mountain massifs of the Dolomites. You’ll feel totally relaxed in Mölten at 1,100 metres. Because the feelings as you gaze upon the magnificent views of the Adige Valley are difficult to put into words. You hike up the Stone Mandln, from where you can see the alpine Rosengarten. Highlights of the South Tyrolean wine & alpine trail: Spa Merano: The spa town and the idyllic old town of Bolzano let you enjoy typical Italian flair. South Tyrolean wine route: Take time to enjoy! Because you don’t get to taste wine like this every day. Cin cin! Romantic views: The Rossengarten (a mountain group), the Adige Valley and Lake Caldaro will melt any mountaineer’s heart. Because the Italians and their landscapes have a lot of charm. Knottnkino: A unique vantage point of the Adige Valley and the Meraner Becken on your way from Mölten to Merano. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the mountains from your cinema seat! Useful information about the South Tyrolean wine & alpine trail All routes on this tour take place on good hiking trails. These are mostly forest roads or paved roads. The distance is between 11 and 19 kilometres daily. If you have good basic fitness, this hiking trip is guaranteed to be pleasurable. You will be rewarded with panoramic views, culinary temptations and fresh alpine air. Book a luggage-free seven-day trip in South Tyrol with Eurohike now – then you can start looking forward to it! Get all information and many more tour tips for our hiking tours in South Tyrol.
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Mountain panorama in the Salzkammergut
Tour character

Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Are you a pastry lover? Love a panorama? Then hiking in the Salzkammergut is definitely the hiking tour for you! Enjoy traditional dishes in the numerous quaint alpine huts that line the hiking route: apple strudel, Pofesen, Kaiserschmarn or Germknödel in custard. What more could the heart desire? For foodies, it’s a true holiday paradise. When does a delicious cake taste better than after hike over alpine landscapes and gazing at views of the Totes Gebirge and the Hohe Tauern? Details of the walking holiday in the Salzkammergut Casual hikers, animal lovers and families will enjoy this tour to the Salzkammergut ‘alms’. The eight-day tour will take you by fields and through the lush, green pastures that line the path. They are home to cows, sheep and horses, which will happily feature in your souvenir snaps. Endless alpine pastures, quaint hiking trails and rushing streams await you. The alpine huts are well managed. Be sure to try the famous Pofesen on the Moosangerl or Gruberalm! You can enjoy a breathtaking view on the panoramic path to the Illingeralm and Königsbachalm, as well as on the way to the forest area of the Nöckelberg. Highlights of the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut: By cable car to the Zwölferhorn: From the Mozart village of St. Gilgen you can take the cable car up to the Zwölferhorn. And unforgettable view of the region is guaranteed! Natural monument Zinkenbachklamm: Romantic paths take you past colourful meadows, mossy forests and deep gorges along the Zinkenbach. Visit to the dairy: Have you always wanted to know how cheese is made? The milkmaid of the Labenberg hut will show you! Useful information about the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut Even the journey from Salzburg to St. Wolfgang is like something out of a fairytale. Be it the endless snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains, or the glistening lakes – the start to your eight-day hiking tour could not be more picturesque. You hike on good trails which require no special technical knowledge and without too many changes in elevation. You can expect about five hours of hiking daily. Tip: This hiking tour can also be booked as a family trip! Interested? Then click on and book your perfect holiday now! Do you have questions about the alpine hiking in the Salzkammergut? The experienced Eurohike team will be happy to give you the answers and help in any way they can.
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