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Some cooling down, please!

The coolest hiking holidays in summer

Experience the freedom of hiking by the water or in the mountains, enjoy mild temperatures and clear air and be accompanied by the marvellous rays of sunshine – we look forward to you, you splendid season! In summer many things seem a lot easier. You are woken up early in the morning by the pleasant rays of the sun and start the day with a lot of happiness. The warm time of the year can be experienced even more intensively during a hiking holiday.  Numerous travel destinations in Europe are also ideal for a hiking holiday in the warmer season.

Whether hiking with the family, on an individual hiking holiday or hiking with your dog – we have prepared the most beautiful hiking holidays in summer for you!

4 tips for a hiking holiday in summer

Depending on the altitude and hiking area, temperatures in the summer months vary. When packing your suitcase, take the temperature of your holiday destination into account and take a look at the weather forecast before you set off on your journey. To make sure nothing goes wrong when packing, we have summarised 4 tips for hiking in summer.

  • Hiking clothing: Choose breathable clothing that fits loosely. A wind jacket or rain protection should not be missing to be on the safe side, even in summer. Be sure to pack swimwear in your hiking backpack, the opportunities to cool off en route are really inviting.
  • Hiking boots: The right footwear is essential in summer too. Pack good-quality hiking shoes that you have already worn and feel comfortable in. Socks with a cooling effect are particularly comfortable in summer.

  • Sun protection: The right sun protection is very important when hiking in summer. This includes sunscreen for the skin and face, lip protection with a high sun protection factor, sunglasses with UV protection and a hat.
  • Water and food: Especially when hiking in summer, it is important to pack plenty of fluids and an easily digestible hiking snack. Find out more about which drinks will make you hike full of energy on our HikingBlog.

You can read about what else to consider when hiking in summer on our HikingBlog: Hiking in summer: things to note.

The most beautiful hiking holidays during summer in Austria

In Austria it is not difficult to find a fabulous hiking area in summer. The network of hiking paths offers a varied active experience for all levels of hiking. Our Eurohike travel specialists have prepared the coolest hiking holidays in summer for you, which are guaranteed to provide the necessary cooling down and variety in the warm season. Experience the wild river Lech by foot on our cross-border hiking holiday along the Lechweg-Path, 10 days, from the source in Vorarlberg to the fall in Bavaria. Would you like to spend your active time with your dog in summer? Then the hiking holiday Enchanting Kitzbühel with Charm is an excellent choice, as it is a hiking tour based in one hotel.

The best way to capture the high spirits of nature is in the beautiful Salzkammergut region – the selection of active tours is correspondingly diverse and large. Whether it is our Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut, Lake Walking in Austria’s Salzkammergut or the hiking tour Salzkammergut Rivers & Lakes for families – the region presents itself from its most beautiful side on these holidays. Would you rather aim high? Then our hiking holiday along the Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path provides the perfect adventure in summer.

The most beautiful hiking holidays during summer in Germany

The selection of hiking holidays for the summer in Germany is particularly varied. We are now presenting our coolest active holidays along beautiful rivers, past refreshing lakes or up to idyllic mountain pastures. You will find plenty of places to relax and cool off on our hiking holiday from Lake Königssee to Lake Chiemsee, because the Chiemgau Alps with their lakes, peaks and alpine pastures are the ideal travel destination for the summer. Explore Lake Tegernsee, Lake Schliersee and Lake Spitzingsee on our hiking holiday Bavarian Alps & Lakes, 8 days and hike all the way to Mount Wendelstein on your final stage.

You can experience even more variety and a cross-border hiking holiday from Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee. In eight days, the route takes you on well-maintained hiking paths through the Hohe Tauern mountain range to sunny Carinthia in Austria. Are you longing for an active holiday which combines the best of culture, cuisine and summer fun? Then our hiking holiday Rhine walking: Mainz – Koblenz, 11 days offers the perfect break.

The most beautiful hiking holidays during summer in Europe

Hiking in Portugal and Spain

Many other wonderful travel destinations are ideal for a successful hiking holiday in summer. Discover the charming exotic flower island in the Atlantic on our hiking holiday around Madeira with Charm and enjoy the wonderful hiking climate that gives you ideal conditions for spending time outdoors all year round. On the Canary Island of Tenerife, too, temperatures in summer do not exceed 30 degrees and thus ensure a pleasant active adventure in the South on our hiking holiday Walking Paradise Tenerife even in the warm season.

Always accompanied by the pleasant temperatures and the wonderfully refreshing sea breeze, you will experience the most beautiful bays, beaches and idyllic hiking paths in Southern Portugal on our hiking holiday Algarve Coastal Walk.

With these multifaceted hiking holidays during summer, the necessary cooling off and being active in nature are guaranteed.

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