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Spoiled for choice: a coastal or mountain hike

The sea or the mountains – both are great in their own way
Hiking without luggage through the mountains of the Osterhorn group

Who isn’t familiar with the questions you ask yourself on holiday: sunbed or deckchair? Secluded bay or sardine beach? Flowering alpine meadows or rocky mountain peaks? Rustic dormitory or romantic alpine hut? The all important question: mountains or sea, for example sea coast or mountainous landscape?

Hiking without luggage through the mountains of the Osterhorn group

“Team Sea” versus “Team Mountains”

Every year, the two camps meet again at the family council. “Team Sea” against “Team Mountains”. The one faction of the family loves the blue ocean, the wide sandy beaches and the palm trees. After all, is there anything better than hiking along the coast, strolling through olive groves and smelling fragrant orange trees? Of course not!

Wait a minute! The “Team Mountains” also has a lot to offer: summit victories, cow bells chiming and rushing mountain streams sweeten the mountain holiday for everyone.

Walking over blooming meadows, mossy forest floors and up into airy heights drives hikers in the mountains.

Every area, whether coastal or mountain, has its advantages and disadvantages. The Eurohike team have done their research and collected some arguments for both sides. Maybe it’ll help with decision-making. Read for yourself!

Hiking in warm climates: tours by the sea

Hiking in warm climates: tours by the sea

Glittering sea, Mediterranean flair and a partly green, partly mountainous landscape. The hiking tours of Italy, Spain and France’s coasts are ideal for sun worshipers. The climate: a dream. The weather is usually perfect, and the landscape exudes a postcard charm. However, if you decide to go on a coastal hiking holiday, you need to take the seasons into account. The Eurohike team recommends that you choose a period in spring or autumn, as temperatures are too hot in summer. Hikers can quickly crumble in the sun, or even get heat stroke.

Tip: In hot climes animals and insects get up to mischief. Therefore, buy insect repellent locally. The stuff at home might not have the same effect

Walking along the promenade of Soller

Whether in Brittany, Normandy or Cornwall

…the common denominator of all these coasts: rugged, steep and nestled inland. Would you like to hike along a wild, lush green and unruly coast? Then we have a tip for you!

Cornwall’s coastal path: from St. Ives to Penzance

A mild climate, unique flair, and a diverse coastal landscape – this awaits you on the southwestern tip of England, on Cornwall’s coastal path. Let yourself be enveloped by the extensive natural landscape with its meadows and forests. And one thing is certain: the feeling that sets in at ‘Land’s End” with a view of the vast Atlantic Ocean won’t be forgotten!

Fancy the sea? Then clock through the blog post and find our why coastal hiking is so diverse!

Hiking tour Cornwall with amazing view

Hiking in the mountains: tours up to summit monuments

Hiking in the mountains gives climbers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. In addition, tours in the mountains can be demanding and the hiker needs to be fit. Do you want to reach the summits on your holiday? Then the right hiking equipment is the be all and end all. Trekking poles, ankle-high boots with enough grip, weather proof clothing and a head torch should be packed.

Tours in higher elevations also require the necessary know-how. So every hiker should be able to assess the difficulty and danger or the route. Sure-footedness and precise knowledge of route guidance are clearly an advantage!

Cross on the summit during the hikint tour in the Karwendel mountains

Dangers in the mountains

The weather can turn in an instant on the mountains. The solution: a rain jacket and safe hideaway! But beware: never hide under trees during a thunderstorm! If you are looking for shelter choose a cave or big rock and wait until the worst is over.

Become the weatherman! Interpret and react correctly in any weather. More information can be found on our hiking blog: safe on the mountain! So read the mountain weather carefully.

So that you know the possible dangers in the mountains, read what you need to know about mountain tours!

Hiking tour in the Bavarian and Salzburg Alps

Are you a fan of the Alps? Then the tour from Königssee to the mountain kingdom of the Hochkönig will appeal to you. A mixture of cosiness and impressive rock formations await you in the Bavarian and Salzburg Alps! From the tour through the Berchtesgaden National Park to an experience with rustic and charming huts and homemade delicacies – this cross-border mountain hike will impress you.

Hikers on the way to Erichhütte

From the Alps to coastal hiking

For those who just can’t decide between the mountains and the sea, we recommend a change of scenery! We also have hiking tours where you walk from the Alps to the sea in our programme.

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