The Ideal Walking Gear

Everyone has experienced it: they know exactly what they want their new walking clothes to look like but don’t realise what they need them to be able do. As experienced walking experts we are going to show you in this article what you should particularly look out for when purchasing walking equipment.

Comfortable feet every step of the way - the walking shoes

What season will you be walking in? And what type of walking do you do the most? Both of these factors should play an important role when choosing what shoes to buy. You will be best off telling the sales person what your walking preferences are as soon as you walk into the shop.

Our tip: Go shopping for walking shoes in the afternoon! This is because feet swell up during the day meaning that a shoe that fits perfectly in the morning could be uncomfortable in the afternoon. We advise that you go to a sports shop where you can test out walking uphill and downhill in the shop. Specialist shops often provide this service along with an accurate measuring of your feet.

It is also advisable to take walking socks with you when trying on the shoes. This is because you will only manage to buy the correct shoes if you are wearing the correct socks. If after all this the shoe feels right, then you have found the right pair for you! We advise against buying walking shoes online. Take time to go and try some on for a few minutes in a shop so that you don’t get any horrible surprises when on holiday.

Everyone’s got a little bag to carry - the rucksack

When on a day’s walk you don’t need to take much with you, but you do need some stuff to make the walk as pleasant as possible. To carry these items, you need the perfect rucksack for you!

The ideal rucksack fits to your body. The chest and hip belts help take some of the weight. Lots of walkers have experienced unpleasant sweating on their back when it’s hot. In order to prevent this it helps to pick a rucksack with breathable material. The rucksack should be padded in the pelvic area so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable. Our recommendation: a volume of 25-30 litres is plenty for a day tour.

Did you know that Eurohike offers luggage transport? Your luggage gets transported from hotel to hotel by our team allowing you to enjoy your holiday even more as you are not burdened by a heavy load.

What I pack in my rucksack… the equipment

It is always a good idea to take a few emergency items with you on walks. These are:

  • Enough water: when doing sport we need to drink more than usual
  • A snack: so that your energy levels stay high even if there is no cafe or restaurant on route 
  • Sun cream: when in the mountains you are closer to the sun. That’s why sun cream is needed all year round in the mountains
  • Sunglasses: protect your eyes from the sun’s rays
  • First aid kit: including plasters, sterile dressings, scissors and disinfectant
  • Mobile phone: to capture special moments on camera but also to call for help in an emergency

Protect yourself against the wind and weather - the clothes

Look good with an additional effect? Functional shirts can do that! They transfer the sweat to the outside of the shirt but also dry much faster than normal shirts. Do you arrive covered in sweat? Not with functional shirts! Will you need to take a coat? Don’t ask your wife. Take one with you! We especially recommend softshell jackets and trousers. They are very light yet provide great protection against the wind and the weather. Softshell jackets don’t make you sweat so much, but also provide a high level of warmth. Tip: if you are walking in the winter pack an additional thick winter coat!

You are now ready to go! We wish a lot of enjoyment using your new equipment and an unforgettable tour with us. Your Eurohike team 


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