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Hiking based in one hotel all over Europe

Hiking holidays with a fixed base: the most beautiful hiking tours

Of course, exercise and time in nature are beneficial for all of us. An active break can be experienced even more intensively in the form of a multi-day hiking holiday. Explore the wonderful hiking paths of your dream destination day after day and enjoy all the amenities in the accommodation in the evening. During the classic Eurohike hiking holiday with luggage transfer, the route takes you to a new day finish every day and thus to a different accommodation. At the same time our Eurohike team on-site ensures that your suitcases are transferred smoothly.

However, you would prefer to stay in the same accommodation and thus avoid changing hotels every day? No problem! Our selected hiking tours based in one hotel offer exactly this uncomplicated holiday opportunity. What this type of holiday means exactly, what advantages it offers you and where you can experience hiking tours based in one hotel in Europe, we will tell you now on our Eurohike HikingBlog.

Basic information about hiking based in one hotel

What actually does a hiking tour based in one hotel mean exactly? With this form of active travel, you spend the night in the same hotel and hike the region from a fixed location. Some of the daily stages start right in front of the hotel door and some start after a short shuttle transfer, which is carried out by our Eurohike team on-site. In this way, the necessary variety is provided every day, you can experience the most beautiful hiking routes in the holiday destination and at the same time enjoy complete relaxation in the same accommodation. There is no need to change hotels every day, which gives you even more time to enjoy. Hiking with a fixed location – a hiking rally offers a wonderful, varied and at the same time relaxing active holiday experience.

All the benefits of a hiking tour based in one hotel

During the day explore the multifaceted routes in your travel destination and return to your familiar surroundings in the evening, without having to pack your bags and change hotels. With hiking rallys your holiday accommodation becomes a temporary home. That sounds like a particularly relaxing active holiday. We will now tell you even more reasons in favour of a hiking tour based in one hotel.

Familiar accommodation on a hiking holiday

We humans are so-called ‚creatures of habit‘ who like to fall back on the tried and tested and repeatedly go back to choosing similar products like in the supermarket, for instance. If we ever liked or tasted something particularly good, we will choose it again in the future. It is very similar with our selected hiking tours based in one hotel – at least as far as the accommodation is concerned. After a wonderful day of hiking, you can look forward to returning to the same familiar hotel.

Varied hiking stages

Even if you stay in the same accommodation, the organisation and selection of the Eurohike hiking routes score with a lot of variety. Our Eurohike support team on-site ensures a smooth transfer to numerous starting points of your daily stages and if you wish, a return trip to your accommodation. That way you easily and comfortably explore magnificent hiking routes, which are not necessarily located directly in front of the hotel.

Wanderin mit Wanderkarte

Find out more about the country and its people

Anyone who decides on a hiking tour based in one hotel has enough time to get to know the travel destination, including the country and its people even more intensively.

You can explore all the highlights in the area, learn more about the culture and taste the culinary life of the region. After all it is the locals, who give the region a face.

Kirche Igreja do Castelo in Tavira

A hiking holiday – endless experiences

Anyone who stays in one place for more than a few hours also quickly gets to know new people. Maybe you get into conversation during the day during a hike and even spend the night in the same accommodation or in the same place? After all, they share the same passion – individual hiking in the wonderful nature of Europe. Such an acquaintance is ideal for exchanging a few insider tips or asking about one or the other gourmet address in the holiday region. In addition, you always come into contact with the same loving hosts of your accommodation, who will be happy to tell you everything about the area.

Extra time to enjoy and relax

After your daily stage, you will find everything in your accommodation the way you left it in the morning.

And all without unpacking or rearranging again. So you can dedicate yourself to relaxing and reviewing the impressions of your eventful day of hiking in peace and quiet.

The most beautiful hiking tours based in one hotel in Europe

Hiking from Austria to Spain

Hiking with a fixed base in Austria and Germany

Whether on an individual hiking holiday, on a hiking holiday with the family or while hiking with a doghiking with a fixed base offers a lot of advantages and additional time to relax and enjoy. Experience the most beautiful places in the region in the Salzburger Land by foot on our hiking holiday Panorama Walking Tours in the Zell am See District with Charm and enjoy all amenities of your accommodation with lots of comfort while hiking with Charm in the evening. Would you like to discover the wonderful mountains in the Tyrol? Then our hiking holiday Enchanting Kitzbühel with Charm is just perfect for you. Starting from the boutique hotel Erika, you can explore the wonderful hiking paths in the immediate vicinity at your own pace. For families, hiking with a fixed base offers a particularly relaxed experience.

Hiking with a fixed base in Spain, Portugal and Greece

You can experience how relaxed hiking on Mallorca can be on our hiking holiday Mallorca‘s West Coast with Charm. During your entire stay you spend the nights in the wonderful Hotel Es Port, experience the most beautiful hikes in the Western part of the island and enjoy the best of nature and cuisine on the sunny Balearic island. In Portugal too, you can relax wonderfully with hiking tours based in one hotel. The hiking holiday Algarve Hiking Rally takes you via circular hikes along the impressive Atlantic coast and is guaranteed not to miss a single highlight. Picture-perfect island hikes can be enjoyed during our hiking holiday Santorini hiking rally. Enjoy the hikes with a fixed base on the picturesque island in Greece, which was formed on the crater of a volcano more than 3600 years ago.

We all wish for more time! And that is exactly what our hiking tours based in one hotel promise. Explore the holiday destination by foot during the day, return to the same feel-good accommodation in the evening without having to change hotels or pack your bags. This saves time, which you can invest in wonderful moments of pleasure and unforgettable holiday experiences!

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