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Off to the north

Fantastic walking destinations for the sunny season
Hiker along the coast in Scotland

As the summer heat intensifies in this region, prompting even the most resilient walkers to seek refuge by lakes and rivers, it becomes the perfect opportunity to venture towards northern destinations. Countries like Norway, Sweden, Scotland, and Ireland beckon with their cooler climates, offering a refreshing escape from the sweltering temperatures of Central Europe. Embracing the great outdoors in these regions during the summer months allows for invigorating activities amidst pleasantly milder temperatures.

Let's now delve into why the north is an ideal choice for a hiking holiday in summer, offering a fantastic opportunity for a rejuvenating break and highlighting the exciting experiences awaiting you while hiking in the north.

Hiker along the coast in Scotland

7 reasons for a summer walking vacation in the north

While summer may be the favored season for many, the temperatures at home during June to August don't always lend themselves to outdoor adventures. However, summer in the north offers the perfect conditions for outdoor pursuits. We've compiled numerous advantages and reasons for embarking on a summer walking vacation in the north.

  • Ideal climate for walking: In summer, the Nordic countries have wonderfully mild temperatures that make walking & hiking particularly pleasant. Average temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees – perfect for spending time in the fresh air.
  • Longer days means more daylight: During the summer months in the north, you get to revel in more daylight thanks to the extended days. In certain regions, the sun doesn't set at all during this period, allowing for late evening strolls. This remarkable natural occurrence is famously referred to as the midnight sun, and above the Arctic Circle, the sun remains visible for days or even weeks without setting.
  • Walking away from the beaten track: Despite summer being the preferred time to travel for many vacationers, the more northern countries boast less crowded destinations compared to other places in Europe. This offers a particularly tranquil way to unwind and appreciate the stunning routes and nature in the north, far from the tourist crowds.

  • Multifaceted outdoor activities: If you're up for more outdoor activities after a day of walking, there are plenty of options in the north during the summer months, such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, cycling, or swimming. 
  • Living natural worlds: Right now, during the summer, nature is in full bloom, landscapes are glowing with wonderful colors, and wildlife is active. Take your time while you’re out and about to gather berries or mushrooms and observe wildlife such as moose, reindeer, or migratory birds along the way.
  • Time for refreshment: During the summer months, the temperatures in the numerous lakes, rivers, and fjords in the north are particularly pleasant, making them ideal for cooling off and refreshing yourself after a wonderful day's walking.
  • Good for your health: When the rising temperatures and heat in Europe start to take a toll on our bodies, you can unwind in the pleasant climate of the north and enhance your cardiovascular system through walking.

A walking holiday under the sun of Sweden

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a hiking vacation in Sweden. However, the summer months in particular present even more adventures and opportunities that can transform a vacation into an unforgettable experience. Have you ever dreamt of experiencing the festivities of Midsommar in Sweden? If so, consider planning your tour for the end of June to ensure you don't miss out on this special celebration. You can fully immerse yourself in these joyful festivities on our walking tours along Österlenleden or Gotaleden.

Idyllic hiking trail along the Gotaleden

Summer hiking in Ireland and Scotland

Summer in Ireland and Great Britain is the driest time of the year, with pleasant average temperatures of around 20 degrees, making it an ideal climate for walking and hiking. Fantastic routes cater to all levels of hiking and lead through picturesque natural landscapes, offering soothing moments of tranquility. Get to know the Emerald Isle intimately on Ireland's Western Way walking tour, immersing yourself further into nature, culture, and regional cuisine with every step you take. Don't miss out on a typical seafood chowder. Similarly, the West Highland Way walking tour in Scotland is equally spectacular. Here, the route follows the country's most popular long-distance trail through magical landscapes, past mystical lochs, and to historic sites.

Hiker standing on a bridge in Bridge of Orchy looking out over the landscape

Summer is hiking season in Norway

The stunning beauty of the breathtaking hiking paths in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway is most enchanting during the summer months. Our walking tour is offered from June to August, taking advantage of the favorable conditions during this time. Not only are the temperatures ideal for walking, but many routes are also more accessible as the snow melts, ensuring safe passage along the trails. Furthermore, the extended daylight hours due to the midnight sun allow for outdoor activities throughout the day and night. Whether you seek relief from the summer heat in Central Europe, wish to witness the mesmerizing midnight sun phenomenon, or desire to immerse yourself in Norway's magnificent nature, summer in Norway provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable walking tour.

Fantastic views when hiking to the various mountain lakes
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