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When hiking and indulgence meet

The most beautiful walking routes for foodies
Hotel Sänger Blondel in Dürnstein

When you feel bliss during a hike, you’re doing it right. That could entail following well-kept paths through picturesque landscapes and ending the tour in a rustic alpine hut. Good food, wine and the charm of the rolling hills make every connoisseur’s heart beat faster.

Hotel Sänger Blondel in Dürnstein

When mountain love goes via the stomach

You love strolling along cobbled paths, with a fragrant sea of flowers to the left and right and in the wind you can hear the distant chime of cowbells. In between, you take a seat on a wooden bench, watch the blades of grass gently swaying in the breeze and let your thoughts wander. Then, there’s only a few steps left to the origin of that delicious scent wafting through the air. The chimney smokes, the door is open and the owner welcomes you with a warm smile. The blended aroma of traditional speck, seasoned mountain cheese and oven-warm bread makes your mouth water.

Indulgent moments like this make hiking tours particularly magical. When it’s time to take a break, rest your feet and indulge in delicious delicacies after the hard work of the hike, you’ve arrived in the realm of delights. Because mountain love goes via the stomach!

From vineyards and apricot orchards: the Wachau

Perhaps the most charming region in Lower Austria bears the name Wachau. Where ruins, wine culture, rustic taverns and delicious apricot dumplings with extra breadcrumbs meet, hikers are not far away. On the Wachau World Heritage Trail you hike for 8 days through enjoyable places along the beautiful blue Danube.

Surrounded by sunny vineyards and green forests you will make your way from stage to stage. Always featured: culinary stops with fine wines and Lower Austrian delicacies. The route leads over partly paved wine trails to the peaks of the Wachau, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of impressive landscapes. You will spend the night in charming hotels in Krems, Dürnstein, Weißkirchen or Melk.

Hiking trail with view onto vineyards and the ruins of castle Dürnstein

Orchards, blooming mountain meadows and Italian flair

‘Mamma Mia!’ and ‘Ciao bella!’ resound in the South Tyrolean vineyards. Romantic villages, historic castles and flourishing vineyards are all around: that is Italian flair to the highest level. On the hiking trip from Eurohike, you take a leisurely walk along the South Tyrolean Wine and Alpine Trail over seven days. You will get to know the spa town of Meran and the wine route, indulge in romantic views and taste plenty of Italian delights.

While you sit under apple trees and enjoy your glass of fragrant wine, your charming hosts prepare all sorts of antipasti and ciabatta for you. So you’ll be fortified for the next stage…and on you go, through the forests and paths of South Tyrol.

Hiking without luggage through the vineyards of southern Tyrol

Tip: Have you already fallen for Italy and want to spend a hiking holiday in South Tyrol? Then book yourself happy!

Crystal clear and soothing: the lakes in the Salzkammergut – step by step to enjoyment

Crystal-clear water, sunbeams reflecting on the surface and little boats bobbing here and there on the lake: relaxing by the lakeside after a hike is simply the best. In the Salzkammergut you have a lot of choice! Whether on the Wolfgangsee, Traunsee or Attersee: the mountains and picturesque villages are mainly located on the beautiful lakes. So it’s a good thing that the cool water is your constant companion on Lake Walking in the Salzkammergut tour from Lake Wolfgang over Bad Ischl to Bad Goisern.

Fascinating hikes in St. Wolfgang at lake Wolfgangsee

Natural paradise of Ausseerland

The Salzkammergut is large and extends into the green heart of Austria – Styria. Alpine pastures, huts and mountain peaks as far as the eye can see, accompany you throughout the hike. Grundlsee follows Lake Altauseer: green, clear and surrounded by Styrian forest. But wait! You thought that was enough oases of peace for one Eurohike tour? Wrong! After a climb over the Törl you reach the magical Märchensee on the beautiful Tauplitzalm plateu.

Nothing like heading off on the hiking trip in the Styrian Salzkammergut!

A little more comfort: hotels with charm

Would you like a special ambience with individual service, comfortable loungers, a warm pool, steaming saunas and heavenly peace? The hotels with Eurohike charm allow stress to quickly leave your muscles. The accommodation is selected by the Eurohike team with great care, ensuring carefree travel.

How about a hiking tour to Germany’s highest mountain? The Zugspitze measures at a proud 2,962 metres and is one of the most famous mountain destinations in the Alps. During your week of hiking, you will not only walk around the mountain massif, but you will also spend the night in special hotels. Whether Staudacherhof, Hotel Post, Hotel Sonnenspitze or the Biohotel Leutascher: all four hotels have one thing in common: one-of-a-kind wellness facilities for relaxing.

Hikers walk through meadow with cows

By the way: In addition to the well-deserved relaxation in the spa area, the Bavarian chefs spoil their guests with culinary delights and traditional delicacies. Oh, it warms your heart! More about the hiking trip around the Zugspitze is available at the click of the mouse!

Finca happiness in Mallorca

A true gem of a hiking tour awaits you on the sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The so-called finca hiking in Mallorca is a journey you will never forget. The tour highlights are the selected accommodation. Each finca offers you a fantastic view of the surrounding area or coast, a private garden and pool. So tired feet can relax in the cool water after the four-hour hikes.

Be enchanted by the maritime atmosphere, the pine forests, the salty air and the suns radiance.

Staying in beautiful fincas
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