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The must-haves in your hiking backpack

Tips for the perfect day bag when hiking
Rest area at Lake Hallstatt

It doesn’t matter if you’re packing your hiking backpack for a leisurely day tour or a multi-day hiking holiday, whether you are a moderate walkermountain hiker or trekking fan – being well prepared and having the correct items packed is an important part of successful hiking. When hiking in the mountains, in addition to sturdy hiking shoes and a good backpack, other necessary equipment you will need includes food, clothing, a first aid kit, sun protection and the right gear is particularly important. The weather in the mountains can change quickly and therefore you should be well equipped for all weather conditions when hiking.

Despite all the important pieces of equipment, you should make sure that your hiking backpack is still light enough that you can easily carry it on your shoulders for the whole day in the fresh air. With our tips for packing your hiking backpack, you are guaranteed to be equipped for everything you need on your next day tour or multi-day hiking holiday.

Rest area at Lake Hallstatt

Refreshments: drinks & snacks

Hiking in the fresh air – whether day tours or multi-day holidays – requires stamina and energy. Energy reserves need to be well replenished before and during a hike. We have prepared a couple of recipes for you on our HikingBlog, a hearty breakfast and how you can start your hiking day with Ayurveda. A hiking snack can be easily prepared the day before. Here anything that tastes good, is good for you, gives you strength and is easy to carry in your hiking rucksack, as well as being durable depending on the temperature, is allowed.

The most important thing is to always have enough to drink with you – ideally water, diluted cordial, or tea in a sturdy flask. A perfect snack could consist of bread with vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, homemade energy bars or an easy salad that you can easily transport in a lunch box. Snacks with a little salt, such as salted pretzels, are ideal for replenishing the sodium balance.

  • Our snack tip: A good, freshly baked loaf of bread fits wonderfully into any hiking backpack and provides the necessary energy. You can find tips and recipes for baking bread on our HikingBlog: Hiking time is baking season.

Clothing: light & breathable

While hiking in the mountains the weather can change. It is therefore advisable not only to read the weather forecast well in advance, but also to choose breathable functional clothing and use the onion method. With comfy hiking socks, a functional shirt, hiking trousers with zip-off parts, rain jacket, neck warmer and a hat suitable for the time of year, headband and gloves, you will be well prepared. A change of clothes for the summit ensures that you don't catch cold on the descent. A towel or larger scarf serves as a practical all-rounder, for example, to dry off, keep warm, protect you from the sun or as a small blanket for a hiking break. You can find many more tips on what clothing, shoes, equipment and documents you should definitely pack for your active holiday in our compact Eurohike Travel Checklist. Simply download and print it out!

Top tips for packing a hiking backpack

Health: first aid & medication

Whether on an individual hiking tour, while hiking with children or on a hiking holiday with your dog – you should be prepared for the worst. With a small selection of medication and a first-aid kit you will be well prepared. These important pieces of equipment are light and should be placed in your backpack. You should include wound and blister plasters, tape, compresses, disinfectant, suture strips, small scissors, tick tweezers and a lightweight emergency blanket. Also, don't forget tissues and personal medicines in your day bag.

First aid kit for the hiking backpack

Sun protection

What could be nicer than a magnificent hike in the sunshine and warm temperatures. Particularly in the high altitudes UV rays are strong and the right sun protection for skin and eyes is essential. It is advisable to apply sun cream for skin and lips ideally in the morning before the hike and also pack a cream in your backpack. A good pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from the UV rays is also an important component for a successful hike. Breathable headgear when hiking also shields you from UV rays and protects you from unpleasant sunstroke.

Headgear for sun protection while hiking

Equipment & kit

Depending on where you are planning your day tour or individual hiking tour, you should also choose your equipment and hiking gear. A light hiking backpack, adjustable hiking poles and good hiking boots are the basis for your tour. If you are hiking at higher altitudes and, depending on your destination, there might also be snow so crampons could be helpful. Your charged mobile phone and a power bank (portable battery) should also be included in your daypack. Detailed travel documents with a hiking map, an app for easy orientation on the stage (such as our Eurohike on Tour App), a lighter, a bin liner or wet bag, a headlamp, binoculars and a multi-function knife are particularly practical hiking companions.

Hiking poles and equipment for the hiking tour

Personal items & documents

Now that your hiking rucksack is well packed, all that's missing are your personal items and documents, such as your identity card or, if you're travelling abroad, your passport, insurance card, driving license, cash and ATM card and, depending on your needs, the personal items you'll need during the day. Are you hiking with your children? Then be sure to remember any documents or medication for your little ones. Don't forget your dog's vaccination certificate and its important items, including water and food, in your hiking backpack.

Travel documents and hiking backpack on Mallorca


With these tips and our Eurohike Travel Checklist, you can start your next hiking tour or multi-day active vacation worry free.  

And should any questions arise during your hiking holiday, our Eurohike support teams on-site are always there for you!

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