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Eurohike as employer

Our team talks about their daily work at Eurohike
Claudia Wallner on her hiking holiday in the Algarve

A harmonious balance between exciting tasks that are fun and challenging at the same time, a collaborative environment, people who help each other and where the team spirit is paramount. All of this for a company that you can identify with and maybe even turn your hobby into your profession. That sounds perfect, doesn't it? If you can combine all this with your private life, and both professional and personal things don't fall by the wayside, then you should have hit the jackpot in terms of work-life balance.

Claudia Wallner on her hiking holiday in the Algarve

If everything runs harmoniously in your private and professional life, you feel more energetic, mentally strengthened and nothing can throw you off track in a hurry. It is precisely this valuable balance that is particularly important to us at Eurohike and that is why we also work together as a team, day after day, to ensure that everyone is doing well and that we help each other in a sustainable way. How exactly that works and what makes the daily work here so special, we now reveal to you on the HikingBlog.

Claudia Wallner: Sales

I have been working for Eurofun Touristik since 1997 and have had the opportunity to work in almost every department. I started as a tour guide for the guided walking holidays in Italy, an unforgettably exciting time. Afterwards, I was responsible for the destination Italy as a customer consultant and was able to advise our guests, organise active tours and ensure fantastic holiday moments. The best thing about working at Eurofun is that no two days are the same, so there is always a lot of variety. The harmonious working atmosphere and the team spirit round off what for me is a perfect job. I have been with the company for about 25 years now and I can say that Eurofun has shaped my whole life – in a positive way, of course, because I met my husband Norbert on one of our Eurobike cycling tours in 1998. I am looking forward to many more exciting years!

Claudia Wallner on the West Highland Way in Scotland

Helene Edtmeier: Team leader Eurohike and destination Salzkammergut

I started working at Eurohike when I was 19. That is now almost a full 6 years ago. It's unbelievable how fast time flies and how much I have learned in these years. I have always been passionate about our product, the individual walking tours. The passion for travelling in general was only really ignited by the daily work. It's just fun to learn so much about different regions and the whole organisation of a smooth hiking holiday. The efforts are rewarded by happy guests who often thank me personally. Sharing all the experiences of the past years with colleagues who have become friends for a long time, the cohesion and the fact that fun is never neglected, makes working at Eurohike unthinkable for me.

Helene Edtmeier on her hiking break at the Nussensee

Sebastian Ettl: Team leader Organisation

In 2014 I started my first season as station manager on the Danube Cycle Path and the first activities were of a manual nature, as a completely new branch was built in Schärding. Afterwards, I was also allowed to dedicate myself to guest relations, which was new for me, but very exciting. In 2019, a new challenge awaited me at the headquarters in Obertrum: organising the logistics of the Eurofun Touristik stations. Since 2023, I have been a team leader in the organisation and, together with three other colleagues, I am responsible for all the stations across Europe. I am particularly fond of the Bolzano station, as I am a big fan of South Tyrol. We function excellently as a team and provide our field offices, staff and partners with orders for luggage transfers, passenger transport and much more. What I like most is that each of my 85 colleagues at the stations is different and despite the many characters and different nationalities, we work together excellently as a team. What excites me most is that I have been able to be part of the growth of Eurofun since 2014 and that there are new challenges in the organisation of the company every day. I look forward to many more years and to countless happy guests on our tours throughout Europe.

Sebastian Ettl on the bike tour at Lake Garda

Elisabeth Buchegger: Marketing

I have been part of the Eurohike team since November last year and look forward every day to gaining exciting and creative experience in the field of marketing. As an enthusiastic cyclist and hiker, there is nothing better for me than to combine my passion with my everyday professional life. One thing is for sure – it never gets boring at Eurohike. Team events and lots of great activities are the best way to make friends across the team. Moreover, I really appreciate the fun and motivating atmosphere in our marketing team. To balance my work-life balance, the flexible working hours help me to feel completely at ease. We laugh, learn and grow together, creating a harmonious working environment.

Elisabeth Buchegger hiking in the Dolomites

Sarah Putz: Travel specialist for the destination Germany

I have been an integral part of the Eurohike team for a year now. Originally, I came from a completely different industry and it was clear to me that I was ready for a change – so I swapped my knowledge of the real estate industry for my personal passion for hiking. Our beautiful mountains and the nature in my homeland have been close to my heart since childhood. So I turned my hobby into a profession and am now responsible for the hiking regions in southern Germany as a travel specialist. I particularly appreciate the cordial interaction and helpfulness in our young team. Joint activities such as the weekly hikes, the bike tours through the Trummer Seen area and our barbecues on special occasions, strengthen the team spirit and make us an unbeatable team. In addition to the daily consultations and bookings for customers, the "Team Members on Tour Holidays" are a very special highlight and help us to better understand the questions and needs of our guests. Last year I was able to explore a tour from my portfolio "Around Zugspitze" and this year the more challenging "Trans Tyrol: Garmisch - Innsbruck". So every year I come back to the office with new mountain photos, a lot of experience in alpine terrain, great impressions and a big smile in my luggage and I can give the best advice to clients and guests at first hand.

Staff member Sarah Putz on a hiking tour
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