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From Lake Reschen to Lake Caldaro

The continuation of Isabella's wonderful hiking journey

Exactly one year ago we started the hiking trip from Lake Reschen to Schlanders. And so it was that full of anticipation, we continued the hike from Lake Reschen to Lake Caldaro this year! My dear friends accompanied me once again. We spent the first day exploring the Merano Flower Festival in Merano. The whole city was decorated with flowers and ornamental plants. Many Italy’s most renowned gardeners exhibited their beautiful plants and also told secrets of the plant world. This was perfect for me as a big flower fan.

Merano – Nals

With pattering rain and cloudy skies we started our first stage to Nals! With perfect hiking equipment, even rainy hiking days are no obstacle to enjoying the day. We hiked along the Waalwege, along which you can see centuries-old waterways created for irrigating fields and orchards. This route is part of the St. James Way, which is marked by a shell symbol on some signposts.

Small terraces with fruit trees interrupt the forest along the way, including some little huts where we enjoyed typical ‘Brettljause’ (cold meat and cheese plate) and a glass of wine. Exciting highlights such as the famous apple producer of Lana, ruins, castles and waterfalls can be seen from the path.

Nals – Lake Caldaro

In contrast to the first day, sunshine and summer temperatures awaited us in the morning of the second stage. Along the forest paths, lined with the famous Dolomites, we took a break at the castle and enjoyed a cappuccino in the local café. The Mediterranean, hilly landscape to the lake offered a lot of photo opportunities! This stage was one of my personal highlights, as the route was varied and pleasant and Lake Caldaro was simply beautiful!

I would like to say a big thank you to the hoteliers and innkeepers who gave us a warm welcome on our tour. We were also able to experience the exciting and funny stories of the region from the wine growers we met in the Kaltern Cantina.

I will remember the beautiful impressions of this tour for a long time.

Your Isabella

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