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Take a holiday from your phone: hiking as a digital detox

Short and long hikes for an analogue experience

You look at your smartphone an average of 84 times a day. With eight hours of sleep, this works out at every twelve minutes. Add to that time spent working at a screen and distraction due to other flickering displays during daily life. The consequences are reduced awareness and the subconscious stress of having to answer messages immediately or experiencing fear of missing out. How about taking a hiking trip in nature in between? ‘Back to the roots’ so to speak, smartphone off, natural scenery on!

The latest trend in terms of switching off, letting go and looking after yourself is called a digital detox. The use of digital devices is deliberately reduced. There is a whole universe of tips and paradoxically – even apps! However, it has proven useful to simply leave your little device at home and step into nature!

The Eurohike team has put together the top tips for an outdoor digital detox.

Wellness for mind and body

Hiking provides a double bonus: while the calming rustle of trees relaxes mind and soul, the sporting activity ensures physical fitness. Concerns of getting lost without a smartphone are unnecessary. In any case, a smartphone is superfluous on hiking tours from Eurohike. Thanks to a detailed route description, competent team and well signposted paths, no technology is required. Hiking is also the perfect balance between work and everyday stress.

Did you know that the Eurohike luggage service is included in our tours? The suitcases appear as if by magic in your next hotel.

Enjoy a digital detox together

A walk or short holiday often helps to properly recharge the batteries. This is particularly beneficial when you are with friends or family. Because in spite of networking via apps, digital devices mean we actually connect less. How about a weekend spent in a mountain hut? Common experiences connect and strengthen bonds!

Eurohike tip: On the panorama hike in the Pinzgau, you can enjoy a break together with a view of three-thousand metre peaks and traditional alpine delicacies. The tour belongs to the Charm category, which means the focus is on wellness and culinary delights.

Off to the Island!

Which three items would you take to a desert island? If you ask yourself this well-tested question when packing your suitcase, here is the answer: your smartphone definitely doesn’t belong! Surrounded by the sea, a detox can be enjoyed in a particularly relaxed way and you can really switch off. How about a round trip in Madeira, for example? In eight days you can explore the diversity of the island. The route leads through the mountainous plateau to lava-rock swimming bays.

Eurohike tip: the circular tour is not just about escaping from digital stress. Because of the mild climate in Madeira, the trip is possible all year round. It is therefore also suitable for escaping the cold season for a few days.

Pilgrimage trails for self-reflection

We are often no longer aware of the bad habit of constantly using a mobile phone. Pilgrimage trails offer the ideal opportunity to clear your thoughts in harmony with nature and to give your mind a break. Take this time out to think about your everyday life and to question routines. On the Salzburg Jakobsweg in the direction of Tyrol you hike past mountains, lakes and spectacular waterfalls. The impressive nature, churches and other historical buildings on the route will inspire reflection.

By the way: The Eurohike hike on the Salzburg Jakobsweg leads to the Rupertiwinkel. The area is named after St. Rupertus, the patron saint of Salzburg.

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