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Why hiking is the ideal remedy for work and daily stress

Leave work behind

Eight, nine or even ten hours a day at work, quickly pop to the shop, cook for loved ones at home and at the same time do the housework – a hectic professional life and stressful daily life are commonplace in today’s world. The mind spins and the body tries to function. It can work well for a while, but the time will come when every person needs a break.

A break from stress, everyday life, from the rat race to dive into nature, let the fresh air flow through the lungs and be truly in the here and now. This happens when hiking.

Grab your hiking boots, some provisions and escape into the beautiful mountains just by putting one step in front of the other. The Eurohike team promises: hiking soothes the soul!

Forest bathing

Colourful leaves, a soft fragrant forest floor, magnificent fauna and flora and the birds chirping in your ears. This description alone is enough to relax the mind – in the forest you have time to slow down!

Whether you hike uphill, down hill, with poles or a climbing rope: a long exhalation will soon follow. The exhausting week and the hectic everyday life are suddenly far behind.

The lush green forest, the smells of the surrounding bushes and the soundscape signal to the brain: please switch off and let go!

Turn off the flood of thoughts for a while and let yourself drift off. Put one foot in front of the other, soak up the atmosphere and inhale and exhale evenly.

The best part: after the hike is over, you will feel calm and the indescribable joy that sets in after exerting yourself. You get back to the real world with peace, promise!

Hiking as a social activity

Did you know that around 90% of hikers go on hikes only with other people? Because hiking creates an atmosphere for casual conversation, which can lead to new contacts or revived existing friendships.

You can also combine the useful with the pleasant. How does that work? In addition to sporting activity, you can also care for your social life – two birds with one stone, so to speak!

Tip: Discover new hiking experiences together: whether on rough paths, a walk for the soul, forest-top paths or overcoming water and gorges – it can all be achieved together. In addition, endorphins are released and you feel happier all round.

Tour suggestion: hiking with charm

A multi-day hiking tour will not only bring your mind back into harmony, but will also do something good for your body. And with the ‘hiking with charm’ selection at Eurohike, there is another positive point: you don’t have to worry about your luggage during the trip, because it is taken and awaits you at your next hotel. In addition, only accommodation with a very special ambience and local design are selected. So tired hiking feet can recover from the daily effort in a wellness area.

Click through the extensive network of hiking trails and discover, for example, the route from the scenic Königssee to the Chiemsee or along the Via Claudia Augusta!

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.