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Hiking in the nature reserves of Germany and Austria

Top 5 of the most beautiful Eurohike routes
Cows on the submontane

National parks and nature reserves are an important habitat for plants and animals, and the Alpine region in particular offers a wide range of hiking options. We have therefore looked for the 5 most beautiful regions in Austria and Germany and put together hiking routes for you. Explore these impressive landscapes and collect unforgettable impressions.

Cows on the submontane

The best of two Alpine landscapes

The tour start at Königssee is already a highlight. The emerald green water and the pilgrimage church protruding from the shore provide an impressive backdrop. You travel 19 kilometres through the Berchtesgaden National Park. The majestic Watzmann towers over the area, and you can gaze upon it again and again in the first stages. The eight-day hiking tour leads along green alpine landscapes, always with a view of the massive mountain formations of the Bavarian and Salzburg Alps. And: you have the chance to observe chamois and marmots in their natural habitat. There are many culinary highlights too, you can feast on alpine specialties! Finally, the view from the summit of the Jenner offers a view of the complete tour to the Königssee!

Trans Tyrol: High alpine nature dream in Karawendel

The tour in Austria’s largest nature park begins at the foot of the Zugspitze. The hiking path leads through several gorges and on steep pass crossings. The Tirolerweg is one of the most demanding routes and should therefore only be chosen by experienced hikers. Mountain enthusiasts will get their money’s worth here! The protected natural areas serve as an important habitat for animals such as golden eagles or white-backed woodpeckers, but also for plants such as Frauenschuh. There is therefore an exciting flora and fauna to admire on this trekking tour! You will spend the night in the Halleranger Alm, at the source of the Isar, so to speak.

Hiker with mountain panorama on the trans Tyrol

In the footsteps of Celts and Romans

The German Hiking Association recognised the route through the Altmühl Valley as a ‘Quality Trail for Wandering in Germany’. Rugged rock massifs, extensive fields and juniper heaths provide a picturesque, romantic backdrop in Germany’s second largest national park. Pilgrimage sites, castles, palaces and relics of the Celts and Romans mean the path is steeped in history. Hiking breaks can be enjoyed particularly well with a beer form the region and traditional cuisine!

Hiking break with panoramic views on the Altmühl

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Three countries, three natural settings

The hike from Garmisch to the South Tyrolean town of Merano offers an ‘Alpine crossing light’ with flora and fauna from several climatic zones. At the beginning, you cross bridges and wooden stairs past the thundering masses of water in the Geisterklamm and the Tyrolean mountains. On day five you will reach Lake Reschen, from which the sunken tower of the Church of Graun rises! Lonely marshland and the Haidersee nature reserve offer a wonderful hiking environment on the last stage. You finally reach Merano along vineyards, apple orchards and Mediterranean botany. In the former holiday resort of Austrian Empress Sisi, you can end the tour wonderfully!

Break on the Schwarzensee hiking journey from Garmisch to Meran
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