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Hiking during the grape harvest

The most beautiful wine hikes in autumn
Wandern und Wein in der Toskana

When the hard work in the vineyards is done, it’s time for the grape harvest again. Nature is shrouded in an autumnal golden light and autumn arrives. The air is pleasantly clear and the grapes ripen in the barrels to make fine wines. An incomparably beautiful season for a hiking holiday. There is always enough time along the hiking paths to taste the fine wines of the region and enjoy the autumn sun.

On our HikingBlog you can find out more about the time of the grape harvest and discover the most beautiful hiking tours in this special season. And the best part? With Eurohike you can experience these enjoyable active tours completely carefree and without luggage, because we ensure a reliable luggage transfer during your wine hiking holiday.

Wandern und Wein in der Toskana

Hiking trails to the wine

The time of the grape harvest in autumn is perfect for active wine lovers and foodies who love to move. Depending on the country, location and grape variety, the grapes are harvested in September and mature in barrels to make excellent wines. There are six to nine months between harvest and the final product. We asked ourselves how these wonderful fruits of summer arrive in our glass. We will now tell you what we found out during our research.

Let’s start with what is probably the most important component – the grapes. A successful harvest is strongly dependent on the weather and it defines the quality of the wine or the degree of ripeness and acidity. The autumn grape harvest takes place differently depending on the region and location. There are two ways of doing this: manual and mechanical harvesting. The biggest difference between the two methods lies in the effort and quality and therefore also in the taste of the wine. Grapes that are harvested and selected by hand are mostly top quality, for which you use the term ‘Auslese’. The mechanical harvest, on the other hand, is much faster and less precise during harvest. 

When they arrive in the winery, the grapes are juiced in presses, in some places still by foot, to create what is known as the mash. Depending on the type of wine, the mash rests for some time so that the aroma can develop. In the next step, the mash is pressed again and during this stage the solid residues, called pomace, are separated from the grape juice. The juice obtained is poured into special tanks where it is fermented with the addition of yeast. The duration of this phase, as well as the temperatures, are essential for the final taste of the wine. Once this stage has been completed, the young wine is poured into containers such as wooden barrels or stainless-steel tanks and matures for another three to six months. You can best enjoy the end products on our dreamy hiking holidays during the grape harvest – we will now summarise the most beautiful of these active tours for you at a glance.

The most beautiful hiking holidays for the grape harvest

Taste fine wines, try wonderful culinary delicacies and always be active on the most beautiful hiking routes across Europe. Our most beautiful hiking tours for the grape harvest promise this enjoyable holiday experience. Experience wine, hiking and ‘Törggelen’ on our hiking holiday on the South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 7 days in Italy. Our walking holiday Picturesque Tuscany, 8 days guarantees colourful vineyards and wonderful wine. France is considered a real paradise among wine lovers. Find out for yourself on the hiking holiday Vineyards and Vosges Summits, 7 days or the walking holiday in Burgundy, 8 days. The multi-faceted hiking country of Germany also offers excellent types of wine, for example on the hiking holiday Moselle and Eifel Trail, 8 days. Out insider tip: In autumn, numerous autumn and wine festivals take place in this region. Here you can enjoy a good glass of Moselle wine after a long day of hiking.

Hiking and wine – the perfect duo, which can hardly be better enjoyed than during a wonderful hiking holiday in the autumnal nature of Europe. Book your individual hiking tour now and enjoy autumn on an active holiday.

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