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Fragrant moods: Why essential oils are good for your mood

These fragrances support our body and mind

You can experience the healing effects of nature not only on our multi-day, individual hiking holidays with luggage transfer across Europe, but also when using healing herbs that nature gives us in their most original form - the essential oils of plants, herbs and fruits. And there are plenty of them now. The oils vary not only in scent, but also in effect. But these different aromas have one thing in common - the right essential oil can act as a particularly healing aromatherapy, relieve pain or even care for our skin.

We at Eurohike have informed ourselves in detail about this gift of nature, researched and now tell you what essential oils actually are and which oils have a particularly healing, calming, stimulating or mood-enhancing effect. Discover nature's treasure chest with us and experience the wonderful healing effects of essential oils for yourself.

Essential oils: what are they?

The history of herbal fragrances goes back centuries and is still an integral part of medicine in many countries. The world of plant fragrances is very diverse and essential oils not only play an important role in nature, for example to attract insects, but are also a valuable remedy for us humans. We use them in a wide variety of areas: to protect against insects, as a source of energy, as a cooling refreshment or to help us relax and fall asleep. The fragrances are in the small oily glands of the flowers and leaves. Pure plant essences are obtained by distillation with steam and used in a wide variety of forms. In general: Fragrances are essential for us humans, are firmly connected with emotions and can influence our mood. When our body absorbs the essential oil through the skin, the air we breathe or the mucous membranes, the stimulus is immediately carried into our limbic system, which has a positive effect on our immune system and our nerves.

Duftöl mit Lavendel

The scent of well-being and relaxation

The scent of essential oil has two positive effects on us – on our body (e.g. our immune system) and on our mind (e.g. our nervous system). The mood-enhancing effect of the fragrant aromas has been scientifically proven. The scent of citrus fruits has a particularly activating effect and can be discovered in a wonderful intensity on our hiking holidays in Mallorca – and on foot. Lemon oil helps us to think creatively and boosts our metabolism. Orange oil, on the other hand, is balm for our soul and stimulates the pineal gland, which is also responsible for the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. When hiking at your own pace, you can wonderfully experience the dreamy lemon and orange trees of the Spanish Balearic Island.

Zitrusfrüchte im Wanderurlaub auf Mallorca

Lavender is a true all-rounder. This type of plant is good for the skin, helps with insect bites or sunburn, ensures a peaceful and restful sleep and relaxes. The calming effect of lavender essential oil can be brought about by inhalation as well as by applying it to the skin. Rosemary is a real power fragrance. Rosemary oil gets our body and circulation going and wakes us up – the perfect oil for the morning. Discover these medicinal plants in a decelerating form of movement: on a hiking holiday in the South of France. Where exactly can these medicinal plants be found? On our hiking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days.


Essential oils in the medicine cabinet

Diverse natural can have a place in our medicine cabinets. A jack-of-all-trades in medicine is chamomile and it is often used in aromatherapy. Chamomile has a particularly pain-relieving effect on stomach complaints and has an anti-inflammatory, calming effect. Try it yourself, preferably in a wonderful relaxing bath. What do you need for this? We recommend mixing 12 to 15 drops of an essential organic chamomile oil (100% natural) with one litre of almond milk, pouring it into the warm bath water and enjoying. The chamomile grows all over Europe and can be discovered on our individual hiking tours.

Echte Kamille für die Aromatherapie

Now it's time to get really healthy again. Maybe you know the feeling of still not being completely fit and full of energy after an illness? Then pine oil can provide a remedy. Pine has an immune-boosting and refreshing effect on our body and at the same time provides a wonderful scent. The aroma of pine also ensures relaxation and a particularly good quality of sleep – the ideal prerequisites for getting completely healthy again. You will find a particularly large number of pine trees on a hiking holiday in Austria, on a hiking holiday in Switzerland or while hiking in South Tyrol.

Zirbenduft beim Wandern

Our conclusion:

Essential oils have a particularly positive and holistic effect on our body, mind and soul – a small medicine cabinet straight from the healing nature. This natural medicine can be experienced even more beautifully on our hiking holidays with luggage transfer all over Europe – great mood included!

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