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Austria’s hiking paradise

There’s a reason why Austria is referred to as the ‘Alpine Republic’. The Alps take up almost two thirds of the total area of the country and around 60% of the area is mountainous. Of these, almost 1,000 mountains are higher than 3,000 metres. This impressive mountain world offers hikers unique variety and almost limitless hiking opportunities – and is therefore ideally suited for hiking families. From leisurely hiking trails on alpine pastures to wonderful high-altitude routes to exciting themed trails: Austria offers everything a hiker’s heart desires. The views of peaks, forests and lakes are breathtaking and beautiful at the same time. And the mountain peaks are not only high, but numerous. Perfect for all enthusiastic hiking families!

Hiking experiences for families in the Salzkammergut

Poets, writers and composers as well as Archduke Johann and Empress Elizabeth all wandered through the Salzkammergut and were delighted by its beauty. No wonder, because more than 65 bodies of water invite you to swim and marvel at their beauty. Together with the many mountains they form this unique landscape and the diversity of nature offers hikers young and old alike countless opportunities. There are many hiking trails, especially for children, and the route guidance can be adapted to suit individual energy levels. This is also the case with our family hiking trips including the Salzkammergut Rivers & Lakes for families, 8 days and the Salzkammergut pasture walking for families, 8 days. And after a successful day of hiking, the crystal-clear lakes also offer freshly caught fish such as char and Reinanke – the delightful end to a perfect day of hiking.

Hiking experiences for families in the Salzburger Land

There are around 1,800 managed alpine pastures in the Salzburg region. Countless hiking trails lead to these through fantastically beautiful but above all original and intact natural landscapes. In addition to the Mozart city of Salzburg, the Salzburg Pinzgau is one of the most important tourism regions in the state. Due to the extensive winter offer, numerous mountain railways also lead comfortably into higher regions. And these can also be optimally used in summer. The idyllic hiking regions around Zell am See, Saalbach and Maria Alm have specialised in families with children. On our Eurohike hiking trip Salzburger Pinzgau for families, 8 days the mountain becomes an adventure playground, mountain steams become fun water games and trees become a fantasy castle. A wonderful hiking area for young and old!

Useful information for families

Austria is a true paradise for hikers – the natural destinations are particularly suitable for a hiking holiday with children. Here you will find useful information about why Austria is the perfect holiday destination for your family:

  • Austria is known as the ‘Alpine Republic’ because around 60% of the area consists of mountains. The Alps take up around two thirds of the country’s area – making Austria the ideal holiday destination for hiking families.
  • Great air and nature: Around 40% of Austria’s land area is forested and offers wonderfully fresh air and pure nature activities for active families.
  • There are around 1,000 three-thousand-metre peaks in Austria – a unique landscape setting for hiking families.

  • Unlimited bathing fun: The more than 25,000 bodies of water and lakes in Austria offer ideal conditions for lots of bathing fun and outdoor activities with the whole family.
  • Austria’s flora and fauna are home to a large variety of species that amaze both children and adults.
  • A total of six publicly accessible national parks offer natural experience for young and old explorers.
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