Hiking holidays for all levels of Difficulty

Walking holidays organized perfectly and comprehensively

You can look forward to a perfectly organized trekking or walking holiday, for instance in Ireland, Spain or Italy. Eurohike takes care of everything – all you have to do is see to your arrival.

Eurohike is your experienced contact for walking/hiking holidays of any kind: carefully tailored to each performance level, you will definitely experience an unforgettable, successful walking holiday. All of that in the most stunning regions of Europe! You can also look forward to perfect organization provided by true professionals. That way your walking holiday turns into an adventure – at any time of the year!

Enjoy your walking holiday in spring, summer, autumn or winter, each season offers its very own distinctive charm!

Highlight Stromboli - unique view to the sea down from the peak of the volcano

The most beautiful walking/hiking routes across Europe

Look forward to an active holiday in the most stunning locations of Europe. For instance enjoy a walking tour across Italy and discover this popular holiday destination from a completely different angle. Or how about a tour across the Austrian Alps? Eurohike offers ‘just the ticket’ for every type of hiker: whether it is Madeira, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Croatia, Majorca or another destination of your choice – here you walk after your fancy. To find a total overview of all our Eurohike tours CLICK HERE!

Unique hiking path in Saxon Switzerland

Four levels of difficulty for your perfectly tailored walking holiday

In order to finetune a walking holiday for each individual as best as possible, with Eurohike you have a choice of four levels of difficulty: Moderate Walking, Walking, Mountain Hiking and Trekking. Find out which one suits you best. Moderate Walking and Walking are rather easy tours suitable for beginners and aficionados, whereas Mountain Hiking and Trekking can be an exciting challenge for you.

Are you already curious about perfectly organized walking tours by Eurohike? To find your preferred date– and of course your favourite destination, simply click on Tour Search​​​​​​​!