A hiking holiday in winter

A hiking holiday on the sunny side of winter
Beautiful hiking view to the capital of El Hierro - Valverde

Hiking in southern Europe is a pleasure throughout the year

Thanks to Eurohike you don’t have to give up sunny hiking fun in winter! While central Europe is covered in snow and cold winter temperatures, mild temperatures prevail in the south. Reason enough to move your hiking holiday to the place with the best year-round conditions. For Eurohike the best conditions mean: excellent, well signposted hiking trails, well-kept accommodation and optimal route guidance. So you will not miss out on any highlights of the region. Of course, Eurohike Plus is part of the all-inclusive package. You hike without luggage and your bags are waiting for you in the next accommodation. Of course, this also applies to hiking trips in winter.

Escape the winter between November and January

The months between November and January have one thing in common – they are really cold! At least in Central Europe. Therefore, Eurohike offers you the best hiking tours away from winter. To destinations that promise mild temperatures throughout the year. Spring fever is inevitable.

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter: with Eurohike you are well looked after while hiking luggage-free. Eurohike Plus is also valid for winter travel and means pure holiday enjoyment for you. Without organisational effort. From the booking of hotels to detailed hiking documents to personal advice before booking your trip – the Eurohike team is there for you with help and advice.

  • Eternal spring in the Canary Islands: the Canary Islands have consistently mild temperatures and is therefore a year-round hiking destination. Those who want to escape the winter blues can do so in only a few hours flight. During a hiking week in Tenerife you explore the island with varied day trips. Above all, the north of the island is ideal for hiking, because the gentle mountains provide stunning views of the coast and its bays. A true insider tip for the winter hiking holiday is the island of El Hierro. The westernmost, and smallest island of the Canaries attracts those seeking peace and who want to spend relaxing days away from the tourist crowds. Unspoiled nature and authentic island life make you feel and experience what the peaceful life on the Canary Island looks like.
  • Portugal, the destination for hikers in winter: passionate hikers, who don’t want to miss out on tours even in the cold season have known about this place for a long time. In Portugal there is year-round hiking. Especially on the flower island of Madeira and the Algarve, which are suitable for hiking holidays between November and January. The floating garden in the Atlantic, as Madeira is also known, is worth a winter trip! With its subtropical flora, the island is lush and lavish in its diversity, even in winter. On Madeira you walk along the irrigation system of the orchards and vineyards. These so-called Levadas form a dense network of hiking trails. On the mainland, the Algarve charms with its naturalness and friendly people. In the south of Portugal you will discover the originality of the Algarve on a hiking holiday with Eurohike. With unspoiled nature and sleepy villages, this hiking holiday allows for a successful break from winter.
  • Mountain hiking in Turkey: anyone who doesn’t know about Turkey as a hiking destination yet is missing out. Because even in November, December and January, you can hike in Turkey. Eurohike recommends the south of Turkey and more precisely, the Lycian Path, for a hiking holiday in winter. The long-distance trail leads along the Mediterranean coast and occasionally ventures into the Taurus Mountains. The challenging hike is suitable for mountain hikers with a good physical condition.

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