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Tips and tricks for winter hiking

Through metre high snowy footsteps

Fall into the depths of the snow-covered landscape and travel over the glittering white carpet: winter hiking is really something special, don’t you think? As you stroll along the frozen lakes and through wintery villages, everyday life suddenly feels very far away. Lovely!

The Eurohike team has summed up what you should look out for when winter hiking and which little tips could make it easier for you as you trudge through the snow!

Useful helpers

To help ensure winter hiking is not too difficult, a few little helpers can be useful. For example, no winter sports fans should travel through the winter landscape without snowshoes, crampons and poles.

  • Snowshoes: Big bear paws are true helpers. Of course, it depends on which hike you are tackling and how much snow is lying. In principle they make it easier to stomp through deep snow and prevent sinking. Tip: many winter sports shops also offer snowshoe rental.

  • Crampons: The simple shape of crampons make it easier to walk on ice and frozen snow. Additionally, crampons are relatively light, cheap and fit in every backpack. Just pop them over the show and there’s nothing standing in the way of a sure-footed winter experience.
  • Poles with snow plates: Ski poles make winter hiking much easier. Especially when going uphill, these two helpers are virtually indispensable. But only if you use the correct plates! If the plates are too small they don’t keep the sticks from sinking into the snow.

The perfect footwear

Cold and wet feet are most unpleasant when hiking. Particularly in winter, footwear should be waterproof and provide a stable grip. When buying winter shoes look out for warm lining, a good profile, ankle height and good material.

Heat from within

Despite steady movement, the body cools down in freezing temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to provide heat from within. A well-insulated bottle with a hot drink is essential. You’ll quickly realise at the next stop a sip of warm tea or coffee can work wonders.

The perfect winter hiking regions

Peaceful forests, narrow paths and craggy rocks accompany you on the Rheinsteig. The challenging hikes in the Rhineland are recommended in every season. In the cold months, however, the landscape turns into a true winter wonderland. Advent markets, cosy inns and culinary delights are waiting to be discovered.

But it’s not only Germany that’s worth hiking in winter. The Salzkammergut in Austria could not be more beautiful in winter. Whether in St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen or Strobl – each Christmas market is more idyllic and magical than the last. Floating candles on the lake, a view of sugar-topped mountain peaks and a steaming mug of mulled wine in hand: that’s the wonderful cold season!

By the way: Even in January and February, when the Christmas lights turn off, the Salzkammergut is worth a winter hike. Experience snow-covered Austria!

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