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3 Countries - 3 Travel Tips for the Gray Season

Hiking Towards the Sun
Colourful flowers and fine beaches while hiking along the Algarve coast

How swiftly time passes! November is upon us, and winter is nearly here. Days are growing shorter, with the sun setting earlier each evening. Many yearn for a hint of summer, eager to break free from the domestic gloom. It's been quite a while since anyone could top up their vitamin D levels. But fear not, the cold season doesn't have to be dreary! Why not break free from the gray sky and greet the sun on one of our hiking adventures?

We have three travel tips for those who don't easily embrace winter: Would you rather dream yourself away to the sunny beaches of the Algarve, the splendid hills of Normandy, or the romantic region around Verona?

Colourful flowers and fine beaches while hiking along the Algarve coast

Winter hiking in the Algarve

The Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal not only attracts visitors with its stunning beaches in the summer but also in the fall and winter with mild weather and perfect conditions for a hiking vacation. While coastal hiking along the Algarve, you can enjoy temperatures around 20 degrees even in the colder months, making this destination an ideal winter retreat for all sun enthusiasts. However, our Algarve tour not only offers spectacular views of the ocean but also insights into the country and people of Portugal. From small fishing villages to hidden coves, the Algarve can be discovered from a different perspective during the off-season.


Hiker with a view at Praia do Zovial


In winter, this part of Portugal offers the opportunity to observe migratory birds. Accompanying these animals on their journey south is an impressive natural spectacle, and it's likely that you can capture some great snapshots along the way.

Spending the wintertime in Normandy and Jersey

In regions where snow is a rarity, Normandy and Jersey provide an inviting winter getaway compared to the local climate. With moderate temperatures and minimal rainfall, it's an ideal time for hiking. Beyond the captivating landscapes, there are historical gems to uncover in this area. Renowned for its historically significant cities and monasteries, as well as a culturally rich atmosphere, this part of France is a haven for those seeking exquisite French cuisine and culinary delights. The enchanting island of Jersey is also a must-visit, showcasing a seamless fusion of English and French influences. This distinctive cultural amalgamation is enhanced by breathtaking cliffs and coastlines, creating the perfect setting for exploration on foot.

Hiking without luggage through Jersey


Many of the historical landmarks, from castles to museums, are heavily visited during the summer tourist influx. Therefore, the cooler months provide the perfect opportunity to explore the magical history of this region in tranquility. Especially the UNESCO World Heritage site Mont Saint-Michel, encompassing a small village and a Benedictine abbey, is a special experience during this time of the year.

Winter romance from Verona to Lake Garda

The Italian region of Veneto captivates not only with mild and low rainfall in the winter months but also with its romantic charm. Especially Verona, famous for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," not only offers an intriguing history but also excellent wines. Our hiking tour takes you through the picturesque Valpolicella region to the shores of Lake Garda. Along the way, you can experience the joy of Italian life and admire Roman architecture, surrounded by this beauty that makes winter blues vanish even faster! Enjoyable hikes through the vineyards and along Lake Garda promise unforgettable views of the surrounding landscape, completing this wonderful hiking experience.

Balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona


During the lead-up to Christmas, Verona offers a variety of special delights that you shouldn't miss! Pandoro, which translates to "golden bread", is a cake traditionally enjoyed in Verona during Advent. This sweet pastry is frequently accompanied by servings of mascarpone or drizzled with melted chocolate.

Regardless of which destination you choose, these three hiking adventures not only promise movement and fresh air but also a welcome escape from the dreary winter season. Pack your hiking shoes and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature in Portugal, France, or Italy. So, let's head south!

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