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The Eurohike Travel Search

Finding your dream vacation made easy
Hiking group in front of the Zugspitze massif

Are you looking for specific information about your preferred travel destination, aiming to effortlessly reserve your walking holiday, or simply browse through the Eurohike vacation offerings? Our online travel search efficiently and securely guides you exactly where you want to go. Utilizing specific filter options such as duration, timeframe, and destination, you can tailor the search to match your individual preferences. Here, we provide a comprehensive explanation of how the search works and how you can discover your ideal walking vacation. Helpful tips and tricks are also included. Enjoy exploring the Eurohike travel search!

Hiking group in front of the Zugspitze massif

Experience firsthand how swift and effortless the Eurohike travel search operates. With just a few clicks, you'll discover your ideal walking holiday, with all your preferences taken into consideration.

You can find the Eurohike travel search on our website at www.eurohike.at/en/search or on the top navigation bar on every Eurohike page. We will explain all further details below.

Travel search on every page

For those already acquainted with Eurohike's website, our pages are likely familiar. On each page, we provide you with two options for your travel search. In the search field in the middle of the navigation bar, you can directly enter a search term or tour code. Specifying a travel period is also possible here. With a click on the magnifying glass symbol to the right of the input fields, you'll land on your personal search results page. Nevertheless, you are not obligated to fill in the fields. If left empty, you'll be directed to our travel search page, offering a comprehensive view of our entire holiday portfolio. There, you will find many additional search options and filters to refine your search.

You can also reach this page by clicking on the envelope and telephone handset symbols in the top right corner and selecting the "Tour search" option.

Eurobike tour search in the navigation bar

Search term and travel period

On our detailed travel search page, you will see all our walking tours at first glance. Subsequently, you can, of course, refine the search, primarily with keywords related to the desired journey and the planned travel date.

  • Search term or code: This field can be filled in individually with the desired travel destination.
  • Arrival - Departure: Here, under 'Flexible date,' you can choose the desired travel month; clicking on 'Exact date' gives you the option to enter precise dates for arrival and departure.
Search term and travel date in the search

Filters and advanced search options

Since we offer a wide range of walking holidays throughout Europe, we facilitate your search with the help of some filters. Again, it's important to note that selecting any of these filters is optional.

  • Destination: Select your country of choice here.
  • Travel inspiration: Would you like an Alpine crossing, or perhaps a walking tour by rivers and lakes? Here, you'll find filters for all our travel inspirations.
  • Difficulty: Are you a leisure hiker or a more ambitious athlete? From easy to athletic tours, we have it all. Choose the difficulty level that suits you best.
  • Duration: Whether it's a short getaway or an extended hiking vacation, you can specify your desired travel duration here. Simply adjust the sliders for the minimum and maximum duration of the vacation to the desired positions.
  • Price: Even with a modest budget, your walking holiday can become a reality. Similar to specifying travel duration, you can use the sliders here to set the limits according to your preferences.
  • Tour type: With this filter, you can choose one of the three classic tour types: loop tour, based in one hotel, or distance tour.
  • Other: Here, you can find additional categories such as all year-round, short breaks, and our new tours.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Click the 'Reset' button to clear all selected filters and start the search process anew, allowing you to refine your criteria.

Travel Search on your smartphone

The travel search operates on your smartphone in the same manner as described above. Hence, you don't necessarily have to start your laptop or computer; you can quickly and conveniently search for your next walking holiday on the go. The only difference from the computer search is that you need to tap the 'All Filters' button to display additional travel filters, apart from the search term and arrival date.

Attention: Eurohike original tours and charm tours

We organize the majority of the offered tours ourselves to ensure that we can meet both our own and your highest standards. You can identify these by the 'Eurohike Original' tag in the top left corner of the tour tile. Our Charm Tours, for that extra special touch, are also marked with the 'Charm Tour' tag.

Eurobike original and charm badges in the travel search
You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.